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Hi! I'm Saika. I write, and I write, until an equilibrium is struck between the time spent on the mundane and the never-ending illusion of progress. There's nothing else after that except blank pages.


CYOA is one of the few things that helps me anymore, along with the occasional writing prompt. Just write and let nothing slow you. The worlds you create are yours and yours alone. 







Current project: Possessor

Genre: Horror/Supernatural
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You're drifting in limbo above the surface of a dead world decimated by decades of war. Will you regain enough hope to survive, or fall into oblivion? 

This is my first Storygame on here. Originally I wrote it for a different game engine before changing it and was part of a much bigger story, but I've cut it down into this. Just my first foray into Storygames. 

There are five endings: two bad, one neutral and two good. Kudos to you if you get Ending 4 on your first try.


Six people are found murdered at a church, all within strange and impossible situations. A detective inspector interrogates the man deemed responsible, now on death row, in an attempt to piece together what really happened that day.

The catch? You're not the detective. You're the perpetrator: a demon possessing a human body for a single deadly purpose. You are a possessor.

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Top 11 Games that Stimulate Adventurous Wonderment on 3/25/2017 9:15:47 PM

I haven't gotten quite that far yet. I keep restarting actually, keep on wanting to try out lots of different characters. Although the speed/agility thing makes me think of the Scrolls of Icarian Flight from Morrowind. Oh yes, that one.

However, my first run in Daggerfall DID have me accidentally turn into a werewolf (most of my characters seem to get that, I have to be extra careful every time I run into a werewolf). Bam, almost all my stats shoot up to maximum. It was a cakewalk after that.

Oh, and I've just managed to join the Thieves Guild for the first time ever. Finally. I always missed out on them for some reason. Most of the members still treat me with absolute derision even though I've gained some ranks now - I think maybe I'm unlucky enough that all the working-class NPCs detest me. It actually feels like I'm being a thief, too, unlike some later games (*cough*skyrim*cough*)

I admit Daggerfall did take some getting used to when I first played it. Especially the maps, lol. The combat felt a bit wonky too. But once you get past all that and learn to read the map and know which quests not to take, it becomes amazing.

I'll never forget that quest about the child kidnapped by orcs which was a complete sham and sent me to a completely empty dungeon with no kidnapped child and no orcs. I cleared the entire dungeon over 4 hours or so before giving up. Two seconds after I exit the dungeon, I get a letter saying "BOOO there was no kidnapping after all, the dungeon was empty, you can go home now" and hated that NPC forever.

Also, I think I just did a merchant quest which apparently lowers your reputation regardless of whether you complete it successsfully or not. I'm still learning new things about this game every day, hell I've barely even started the main quest.


Top 11 Games that Stimulate Adventurous Wonderment on 3/24/2017 4:44:49 PM

Ooh, you're into Daggerfall too? Cause I'm playing it right now, I  spent 3 hours in one dungeon and came out with 11,000 gold. It was heavier than all of my equipment combined. Everyone in town hates me (no matter what town it is), I've fallen through the floor twice already, and I've pickpocketed 17 rats.


Top 11 Games that Stimulate Adventurous Wonderment on 3/24/2017 4:13:43 PM

Omg, I absolutely adore the whole Soul Blazer series. Terranigma was my favourite and rather tragic, yes. (Even if Ark's sprite looked like Crono from Chrono Trigger). I played partway through Radiant Historia myself.

I know Dwarf Fortress has been mentioned on here already, but the roguelikes like Ancient Domains of Mystery and Angband are still some of my favourites. Still playing Sword of Telengard to this day. And nobody will agree with me here, but I enjoy Daggerfall's dungeons a lot, up to when the RNG actively starts hating you and starts generating Daedra Lords when you're only at Level 3.

Another Noob....*Sigh* (You know you thought it):P on 3/23/2017 2:26:49 PM

What I do is make a list of every single idea for a storygame I have and then concentrate on just one of them. Whichever you happen to be in the mood for. Just stick with that one idea. Mix some of the concepts into one concentrated idea if that helps.

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 3:03:49 PM

Pray to the god of Um Pao instead. You shall be showered with money befitting your grade!

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 2:58:00 PM

It might be cai, chai, choi, kachoi, kayayachoi, choi suey, Chai Curry...who knows anymore. Jackie Choi knows. Or Jackie Cai, idk.

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 2:55:10 PM

You won't be saying that when we're celebrating Year of the Seto.

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 2:53:45 PM

Gah, I don't remember that. I remember lao shi though.


*runs away*

Spring Break on 3/20/2017 2:46:19 PM

Ooh, someone else who speaks Mandarin? Let's see...your chinese is very good (I think?), and then it's your friends [something] good. (Could be "also"?)

Bah, I haven't been to Chinese school in years. All I remember is how to say pen.

Writing Prompts Week #11 on 3/17/2017 8:31:32 PM

This is my first account, yes. And thanks, I'm glad you like my writing.