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Hi! I'm Saika. I like sci-fi & fantasy, Kirby, and 90s video games. I'm just here to write my heart out, nothing more. Send me a message if you want to chat.










At the end of the day, all you have is what you've accomplished and the effort you put in to achieve it. If you achieved nothing, then that's fine. If you were too demotivated to try in the first place, then that's fine as well. Nothing is set in stone. 


Time will move on, with or without you. 


Set goals, remove distractions, and cut off people who try to stop you from doing what is best for yourself. Don't hesitate. Always keep moving, one step at a time. Don't make excuses. Try not to procrastinate, but understand that what you don't do today might turn into something bigger tomorrow that you might not be able to handle.


You are never worthless.  


One day, you'll reach a point when you can no longer do the things that used to give you so much joy. Don't despair, but stick to what you know. Retain a sense of purpose. If that's impossible, then do the next best thing. 


The people around you will disappear sooner than you think. 


Don't try to please everyone, or you will please nobody. Some people live their entire lives without ever falling in love or hate, whilst others never stop experiencing those emotions over and over again. Sometimes you just can't get a happy ending. Relationships aren't everything, yet people will change and there's nothing you can do to stop that.


Don't try to give someone the world if you know they aren't prepared to do the same for you. Just don't bother. 


Sometimes the smallest things can have the largest impact. There are connections in life which you will never truly forget and will learn to treasure close to your heart. This works both ways: some people in life will never forget you and will always remember what you really meant to them.


There's nothing wrong with wanting to be alone, but there's a difference between being a loner and being lonely.


Each and every one of us is connected, perhaps in ways that you can't begin to imagine. Every thought, feeling, action that you take will affect how other people perceive you. 


Just write and let nothing slow you. The worlds you create are yours and yours alone. 

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You're drifting in limbo above the surface of a dead world decimated by decades of war. Will you regain enough hope to survive, or fall into oblivion? 

This is my first Storygame on here. Originally I wrote it for a different game engine before changing it and was part of a much bigger story, but I've cut it down into this. Just my first foray into Storygames. 

There are five endings: two bad, one neutral and two good. Kudos to you if you get Ending 4 on your first try.

From A Great Height

You can't remember when the world first started shaking, but then one day everything started crashing down. It's not a case of fixing it, or even surviving the aftermath. You can only rebuild and start again.

This is my entry for the March 2017 Chaos Contest.



There are 18 endings in total. A few of them may be very similar to each other. Bear in mind also that some endings cannot achieved without saving a particular character (or not saving them).



- The objective of this game is to survive the effects of the chaos on the world around you and reach a location of appropriate stability which will bring you contentment. There is an exploration aspect to this. You will not learn everything about the world around you in just one playthrough.

- Most of the "chaos" taking place in the game world is not immediately visible to the protagonist (aside from some special endings), but it is primarily responsible for the effects on the surrounding environment and therefore remains the central theme.

- I started writing this 7 days before the deadline, so it isn't quite as long and detailed as I wanted it to be. Examples of this are the fleshing out of particular character backgrounds, implementing multiple foreign languages, cultures, technologies and fantasy races. Some aspects are deliberately left up to the reader's imagination.

- Many characters will appear to speak to you in a foreign, cryptic language (referred to as "Common Tongue" by themselves). Readers may or may not recognise this to be a form of substitution cipher which is easily decipherable if you know how, but it is not essential to know what they are saying.

EDIT: I'm so glad someone decided to poke the mutant with a stick and uncover another previously unseen scenario. It wasn't until later that I realised the majority of people would probably never ever see that part of the story.

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Fun Writing Activity on 7/16/2017 1:31:45 PM

One that's been done before: "My reflection blinked."
(These ones might function better as a writing prompt than an actual 6-word story)

Acid rain falling on dead skin.

It hurts to be buried alive.

A healer sold us poison.

No sign of any ships today.


Desert Island List on 7/15/2017 3:36:51 PM

I'm not so good at survival plans (I expect to last no more than a month before I commit suicide with whatever tools I've brought with me) so I will comment only on the entertainment aspect.


- The Complete Works of Shakespeare (I have a copy of this in my room, got it for Christmas some years ago. Needless to say, it is a very thick volume.)
- The Skulduggery Pleasant omnibus (all 9 books)
- Lone Wolf series - The books are currently out of print (not counting that company which is apparently republishing them all but is doing so extreeeemely slowly) so I don't know how many of them I can bring. However, I will be satisfied with the Kai and Magnakai series by themselves
- 10 Fighting Fantasy books (I believe they can be sold in packs of 10, but bring more if possible)
- Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy Omnibus. Five books in one, plus an extra short story. I used to have a copy of this before my mum dropped it somewhere or whatever and our family was plunged into anarchy as a result
- City Watch Trilogy in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series - if there is a longer series, then take that instead, but otherwise I'm sticking with City Watch
- Heritage of Shannara series by Terry Brooks


- Wayne's World
- Wall-E
- The entire series of One Piece. Currently, the show is in a state that it will go on forever and ever (the manga is over 1000 chapters long and is rumoured to be halfway through now, the anime hasn't even caught up to it yet) so I anticipate that it will last longer than my sorry presence of this desert island in the middle of nowhere. Oh, there will probably be 20 movies by that point.

In the circumstances that allowing One Piece is found to be impossible, I would like instead to take with me all 41 seasons of Super Sentai, fansubbed or otherwise (there may well be 50-60 seasons by the time I get exiled, because they literally make a new season every year complete with an extra movie and crossover with previous seasons). If I can't take all the seasons, I'll stay with Jetman or Zyuohger.


- Valley of the Damned by Dragonforce (failing that, their Sonic Firestorm album)
- The OST of Kamen Rider Blade
- Gambling With The Devil by Helloween
- Advance and Vanquish by 3 Inches Of Blood
- Grom by Behemoth
- Songs From The Enchanted Garden by Ordo Funebris
- Blood On Ice by Bathory


- Ancient Domains of Mystery
- Morrowind
- Dragon Quest V
- Super Metroid
- Touhou 6 - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
- Kirby Super Star
- TMNT IV: Turtles In Time

Freebie: A memory stick. It will contain a few thousand games compressed into ROM format, easily enough to contain every NES and SNES game ever made, a working emulator for each console which can be played on the computer, a copy of Guitar Pro 5/6 so that I can continue to write songs, and a bunch of low-quality anime and TMNT episodes in FLV format to reduce the size.  

First Story seeking advice on 7/10/2017 5:38:00 PM

We call it a pharmacy over here if it's just a small store. If it's any bigger than that we might call it a chemist's, but not very often.

Week of Literature 4: TL;DW on 7/7/2017 1:44:59 PM

I liked this because up to about halfway through, this didn't sound too different from that horror story where a man offers to paint his wife and tells her not to move whilst he paints her. And she loves him, loves him so much that she never, ever moves, and gradually wastes away whilst he paints her. He finishes the painting, exhilarated, and then realises with horror that she is dead. (I'm not sure why he's not dead as well, since he was painting all that time without resting.)

Anyway, the first half of your writing reminded me of that. 

Of course, my visualisation of this was then interrupted by the unwelcome imagery of this woman sleeping with the guy's brother and then I realised it was just about domestic abuse. (The part about the heart being ripped out of the chest reminded me of a very different horror story, though. Funny, that.)

Overall, I think your writing is good and very emotive, even if the overall theme has been done before. I saw three different influences from separate horror stories (hell, let's even bring Dorian Grey into this, shall we?) and I think it's interesting that it could've gone in either direction. Keep it up.

BZ's Summer Slam Contest! on 6/30/2017 7:35:25 PM

This sounds a bit like the plot of Torchwood's Children of Earth. Or at least the first half of that sentence.

Riddles on 6/17/2017 6:12:17 AM

A headless mermaid is correct. 

She still has hands, even in death, it's just that she can't use them anymore. On account of being dead.

Riddles on 6/16/2017 5:37:25 PM

After thinking long and hard about this, I have come to the conclusion that the answer is this:

An AU version of Kanye West which has been cloned 5 times, each of which has been genetically engineered with a unique superhuman ability and also a disadvantageous mutation.

Kanye West the First is born with wings, yet cannot swim, Kanye West the Second is equipped with a mechanical dictionary in his brain, allowing him to spell any word instantaneously, yet he was born with three eyes and two of them are on the left side of his face (two left eyes). Kanye West the Third has professional driving skills yet was also born with three feet, and two of those feet are on the left (two left feet), which presents some amusing imagery if you imagine him trying to use the car pedals. Kanye West the Fourth is a master detective, yet suffers from a tragic personality disorder in which he believes himself to be nothing more than an unsolvable quadratic equation.

Naturally, none of the Kanyes can read a map or a book properly. All of them will sleep around and fight everyone.

Five Kanyes = Five lots of two thumbs = Ten thumbs

I also believe that writing all of this out has been a complete waste of time, but I will be content in the knowledge that this answer will hopefully inspire someone to write an epic storygame about this. Even if it is wrong, it will probably look classier than whatever the real answer is.

Kanye out.

Riddles on 6/16/2017 5:18:46 PM

No, aside from the mermaid part. 

What's missing is something that describes them physically. It also explains the first line.

Riddles on 6/16/2017 5:04:09 PM

Well, an answer like that could fit but seeing as it's not three words or less (as in the last line of the riddle), so it's not what I'm going for.

I will confess here that the squeezing part literally means she has hands. She has fingers which can squeeze objects, or handle them, or do anything to them. I could have preferred to use the word "manipulate", or something like that, but it would probably destroy what little poetry was there in the first place.

Riddles on 6/16/2017 2:06:30 PM

No, as sightless and deaf wouldn't fit (unless there's been some bizarre change in the Disney sequels since I last watched). This part isn't a metaphor.