The Gavel's Sheen

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Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

"It's the gavel's sheen that screws us all" you told me, "It turns, it tapers off that glimmering, shining city on a hill"...

The date is 13 November 2079, and your name is William Madison, a lawyer in Washington DC with the Innocence Project, trying to do whatever good you can in a broken, dystopic America: a world where justice and popularity have merged, democracy runs amok, a fickle public condemns, the innocent get the needle, reality TV distorts the truth, and celebrity criminals reign supreme...and in that garbled mess, when a troubled young teen strangles a charismatic preacher, you are faced with your hardest challenge yet: find a way to work with an old flame to help an unsympathetic father-killer escape the needle, no matter what it takes...

Author's Note: This is definitely more 'story' than 'game', you make choices along the way but the basic plot-line remains the same, although there are many mini-games in every chapter when you have to navigate 'challenges' like cross-examining witnesses, talking to difficult clients or negotiating with opponents, with differing results based on your choices. There are also certain pivotal 'challenges' that determine whether you get the so-called "successful" ending.

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