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Hello, Hi, G'day, Kiaora, Bonjour, Bugger off, however you greet your friends, my name is Holdz and I'm here to write! (Apparently) Now, some things about me...


Name: None of your business.

Occupation: Future CYS King.

Location: Uranus.

Hobbies: Fudging people up with hard choices, slave labour, and just fudging people up in general.

Biography: To be honest, I'm a comedian. I am! Funny stuff just comes to me. Look, I know it sounds out of place in the rest of this... kinda evil stuff (I'm almost like a miniature End, ain't I?) but I just don't want you to laugh your head off when you read my stories. I don't wanna be responsible for another one!

Quotes: "What could possibly go wrong?" --Some Idiot.

"If you spell 'live' backwards you get 'evil'. And some people wonder why life's a bitch!" --No Idea Who Wrote That One I Just Found It On The Web.