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I grew up reading 'Choose your own Adventure' books. My favorite was called, 'Inside UFO 54-40 and as most of you know these books have many endings but always one ending which is considered the best ending. As a child I could not figure out why I could never reach the best ending in 'Inside UFO 54-40' and so I went through every page of that book trying to figure out just where I went wrong. Turns out that their was no way to get the best ending and if you wanted it then you had to cheat. I felt so pleased that I figured out the secret behind that book. It only increased my love for all books were you had the ability to make choices. Later in life I find this website '' and now I am in ecstasy. Now I get let my mind run free and write my own adventures including toilet humor, rape jokes and more. Some might argue that this is immature. 

Well....if you don't like it don't read it. Most of my idea's are inspired from reading bathroom walls.

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A game of life

Every choice you make has a consequence. This is a game of life and the decisions you make. It has multiple endings and no way to really win. 

I was going to make this game unisexed for all to play, but it just didn't turn out this way. So you play as a boy. Sorry bout that.

On the first play through - don't cheat and don't use your back button. Find your destiny and write in the comments how your life ended. You can cheat all you want on the 2nd play through. 

***This game is huge. If you find a typo just let me know what the page title is called and I will take a look and fix it up

****** I have fixed up the dead end link in the Satanic area of the game. Jut to give some additional information on this game. I did half of it in 2014 and then it sat until 2020 when I decided to finish it. Yes I could have fleshed this game out better and beefed up the story but I had so many links that I didn't want to spend the next 2 months doing it. Many choice land you in prison and I realize that this can be boring. I was going to have 3 different area's a person could be herded to - Prison, Loony bin, and some other area, but this game was getting so big that I just decided that the prison loop is where I would send most people.

Another note on the vulgarity and racism. It was an attempt to be funny. I went over board in many area's however make note that most times you make a bad choice, you have a bad consequence. I do plan on making more stories but I will focus on being a better writer, toning down the vulgarity and learning how to do some coding to make the games more fun. I have much to learn. Please enjoy the game.

Dirks Quest

School Problems

Something unusual is happening at school. teachers are acting weird and everything is going to shit. Be warned, this game is disgusting and vile. If you don't enjoy that kind of thing this story may not be for you.