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To all around the fire. Thank you for sharing the wonderful stories and games.

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This is a dark, horror, mystery, romance.

You wake to find yourself buried alive on what should've been the happiest day of your life. Who put you there, why and is there any hope of escape?

There are quite a few different endings to the game but there is one best ending which is longer than the others. There is also a secret pink ending if you can find it.



A spirit with out body, you swim through the darkness of a house that holds you. Who were you? How did you come to be here? There are living shapes on the other side. If you can only make contact, you might be able to get the answers you need and find a way to escape this bleak unnatural swamp. There are others here with you; others who are lost like you. And, there is the entity, the dark leviathan that follows and can never be faced.

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Sorry for some of the confusing links in the story. It was a first attempt and, at that time, I had only a basic understanding of items and no idea about variables.

For anyone who needs it, this is a walk through for the first part. If you scroll down to the bottom, I've put a general guide for getting the secret best ending.


Part 1: Escaping the box

  1. Get the torch
  2. Use the torch
  3. Get the photo
  4. Check your clothing
  5. Get the bottle
  6. Use the bottle
  7. Sniff the water
  8. Check the screw cap
  9. Pour out the water
  10. Get the ring
  11. Use the ring
  12. Go back to box, rip off the panel, go through, crawl in.
  13. Do not burn the spider. Use the photo to keep you calm.
  14. Keep crawling forward
  15. Examine the window
  16. Smash the glass. Use the ring. Smash the glass. Use the torch to smash through.
  17.  Crawl through the hole.








How to get the best ending


The best ending involves using the spade to knock out Claire, then using the spade when Sam is trying to reverse away so that you smash his windscreen and he crashes. You can then take a key from him that opens the boiler window in the basement rather than having to smash it open with the spade. When you rescue Mina you should get an extra long ending that goes:

Using everything you have, you rip off a panel. Inside you find Mina lying, white and wide eyed, wearing a torn and blood soaked wedding dress. She shrieks insanely and recoils then she recognises you and begins to sob and cling to you so tightly that she draws blood.

You whisper reassurance and somehow manage to start pulling her through the tunnel.

You climb out of the boiler and pull Mina shaking into your arms.

You'll never know where you found the strength, but you carried her out of the basement just as the place burst into flames.

You did it. You are both safe!

In the days that followed both Claire and Sam were arrested. Armed police are stationed by their hospital beds.

You and Mina are still struggling to come to terms with your ordeal. Mina is still wearing the plastic engagement ring you gave her. She says the ring is the only thing that gave her hope when she was buried in that box. The one thing that both of you are certain of is that you love each other more than ever and want to rearrange the wedding as soon as possible.

You think about Sam's diamond engagement ring. It belonged to his mother and is worth an absolute fortune. That ring caused so much pain but neither of you would have survived that day if it wasn't for the ring. The police have said that, considering the circumstances, if the conviction is successful, you will be given the ring as compensation.

All the papers are calling you a hero and you are beginning to think they might be right!

The game ends but if you use the ring one more time you get a bonus secret ending which goes:

Sam and Claire have been safely behind bars for a few months now.

The diamond ring was awarded to you but Mina doesn't want it.

The money you will get from selling the ring is enough to put a 20% deposit on a house, which is lucky because you and Mina will be needing a bigger place now that you know a baby is on the way!