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Tally Ho, Chapter Seven on 11/20/2019 12:42:51 PM

Option 2. Don't think Pennyworth has the shady skills necessary for this kind of skullduggery.

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/20/2019 12:06:00 PM

This perfectly captures my perpetually serene face! Really quite chuffed to be featuring in one of these already. And I've no idea how you knew I'm an incorrigible indeeder, but I am indeed.

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 5:05:32 PM

“I, the glorious hermit-connoisseur, have tasted this delictable and vengefully crafted dish, have savoured with tears of delight and anguish the tragic and beautifully crafted history behind this food, have been wracked by pangs of emotions I never thought a mere pigeon could engender in my great hermitic heart. And so, with tears flooding from my eyes, I declare this to be a great dish. The taste, burnt to a crisp, surreal. The presentation, aflame with the hell that the chef wishes to engulf mankind in, a post-apocalyptic statement. The texture, as coal unto my tongue, caused the aftertaste of perdition to rock my corporeal form. This dish has unveiled nirvana upon me and caused me to witness moksha.

100 points!”

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 3:51:54 PM

“With the confidence of a veteran connoisseur of forty years, this travelling food hermit shall now cast judgement on these fried pigeon bites carefully placed inside potato nests. The presentation is perhaps this dish's most striking aspect, and had been brilliantly executed - one is made to feel like a triumphant fox galumphing through the fields with his great prize, and so for that galumphing element I award a full 33 points!

“As for taste, neither the potatoes nor the the pigeon strike me as tastelessly done, but they have been constricted and limited, they lack that shazam, that boom-boom. But I must praise wholeheartedly the accompanying drizzle. Far better than disgusting ketchup. And so I award an additional 25 points for taste!

“The potato nests have maintained their crunchy texture, truly giving that biting-into-a-nest feeling. C'est fantastique! The pigeon bits, however, are far too small and what little texture they have is overwhelmed by the twigginess of the nests, and so I award an additional 25 points for texture!

And so I, the great hermit-connoisseur, award 83 points to Corvin. Dobra robota.”

Tally Ho, Chapter Seven on 11/16/2019 9:15:09 PM

Option 4 seems like it will increase Pennyworth's intelligence tremendously, but not saying anything might come across as an admission of guilt... will go with it anyhow.

Tally Ho, Chapter Seven on 11/15/2019 8:49:34 PM

Option 1. I must take exception to option 3! We've had our fun with the poor inspector, now it's getting downright degenerate and immoral. We should not encourage a culture of torture and sadism - even completely fictional characters have a right to freedom from spoilers.

Tally Ho, Chapter Seven on 11/15/2019 3:59:48 AM

Option 3: I stand with Mayana on this, while intellect is not quite up there, perhaps Pennyworth's culture will get us over the line. Not sure if we want to be on the Inspector's bad side at this particular juncture, but what's life if Pennyworth can't live for the little things?

Eternal Fan Club on 11/14/2019 12:20:58 PM

Necromancer is the first I played and will always occupy a special place. While there aren't as many endings as Eternal or Ground Zero, the story is satisfying, you care for the characters the Necromancer cares for, and really don't care for the ones he doesn't care for (doesn't mean they are undeveloped, but End does a very good job of getting you to completely take ownership of the character and feel immersed, even when you are not necessarily making any choices).

But I wouldn't say that makes Necromancer my favourite, as the characteristics I mention are common in pretty much every EndMaster game I've played. So I don't have a favourite, each game left me satisfied and yearning for more. Even Death Song's true ending, though by no means victorious or happy, was thoroughly satisfying. Many of the endings in the games gave me this feeling of catharsis, and that's one of the marks of a successful story for me. That being said, Eternal is the model and exemplar I refer to - and the inspiration - for the storygame I am currently writing.

Over the past month or so I've started exploring and actively rating other storygames on the site too, as my experience to date has been largely centred around these few games. I've currently got about fifteen tabs open with games I want to give a whirl. I'm starting to think it may be convenient to have a bookmark game button or some such.

Eternal Fan Club on 11/14/2019 12:19:16 AM

I haven't played all of End's games, but that's largely because I often return to the same ones and replay them - Necromancer (the first I played, maybe in 2013/14), then Eternal and Ground Zero (can't quite remember which one was first), and then Death Song. I think I dabbled with Innkeeper and rather enjoyed it, but never completed it for one reason or another. So Innkeeper will likely be the one I get to next. Once I stop myself from drifting back to the aforementioned ones!

Eternal Fan Club on 11/13/2019 11:32:16 PM

Is that actually the Eternal's name? I once spent a couple of hours (okay, maybe ten minutes) trying to find out. Not even Google knows.

While becoming the Death God's thrall was perhaps the epilogue I personally found least satisfying, the Allison alternative was definitely beautiful. I think I'm going to reread that path now that I know it's the most probable canon ending. I would definitely be eager to read a Semra sequel, as would a great many others I'm sure.

Apologies for the necro.