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I'll eventually put something here. Don't know when though.
However, if you need something... message me. And I'll be glad to assist you, somehow.

Guess I am putting something here, because...why not?

Currently Reading: Slaughterhouse-Five and a story game called The Great Tournament. (Which is not on this site, lies elsewhere) Reading these two in my spare time. I'm sorta liking Slaughterhouse-Five, while it does include Time Traveling in the writing... it can be all over the place. However, The Great Tournament is a wonderful medieval story game. Liking it so far, unlike (ish) Slaughterhouse-Five. Now that yer done reading this thing, get on with life and do something else. (Unless you have business with me that is.) *waves*

Quotes so far:  "So it goes"-Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-five - ???-


October Blues

This story game will have a bit of everything, I think anyways. You can't really tell what will happen when that spark of inspiration hits ya. I suppose the game is about...hmmm... I wonder what it is about. I'll have to come back to you on that.