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Hey! I'm Firesymphony, a lowkey writer, and highkey digital artist. I'm everything about dragons, but I'm in the middle of a deadly art block so hopefully, writing can help me out. I'm not usually on very often, but if you want to see me elsewhere I'm on Instagram as @fiiresymphony and I'm on Tumblr as Firesymphony too, I'm on Firesymphony on everything really, but most of my art you'll see online is old. I don't update social media very often, but I'm online a lot just browsing for creative inspiration.

P.S. Amberlight is an old username, just refer to me as Firesymphony because I don't want to make a new account.

Dragons are the lifeblood

Watching: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
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The Dragons of Aedonar

The world is yours, or is it? Whether you see the dragon as a pillar of nobility, or a dangerous beast not to be confronted, the dragon is no more than one of the many creatures of Aedonar: The world of magic, arcana, mythical beasts, and vast kingdoms. Claw your way up to the top and seize the lands for yourself, daring to strike down every challenger, be it human or another dragon. Or perhaps you'd rather lurk within the shadows, disguising yourself and walking amongst the people as you cause the downfall of a nation through trickery and manipulation.

Dragons aren't the only ones with infamous greed, pay attention to your surroundings, and choose carefully.