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I am the Harbinger of Doom, the bringer of Death, illness and rage... yeah, no, since I won't be on as often as I used to, I will change from my usual Death God persona and be a regular guy...

Anyway, if you need to know anything about me is that I am from that country you've never heard of called Romania and my age is 19. I used to be a general all-around forum-goer and RP-er, now I'm just on to work on my current stories. If you wish, you're free to ask any questions you wish through PM, though I can't promise that I'll always have a good answer for some of your questions.

Story Progression:

- A God's Chosen One: You play as a human created by Amanthea, a deity who does not wish for you to find out who she is. She gives you one mission, go to the faithless city of Drahmis and try to start converting the population in whatever way possible. Will you do her bidding, or will you try to find out who your creator is? I plan to have three paths for this game. Currently working on...

- A Soldier's Story: You play as Rainius, a levied soldier starting out in the small kingdom of Choso, currently at war with the massive Coho Empire. You have been placed as part of the garrison of the capital of Choso, Meraton while other soldiers face the cohians, surely anything could be more interesting than this. Will you listen to your orders and stay in the garrison, or will you ask to join the battles on the front? Will you stay loyal to your king, or will you desert to join the enemy? Or maybe you wish to do things on your own and become a bandit/mercenary... the choices are endless, really. I plan to have four paths, though they may increase. Currently working on...

- Demonic Awakening: In this short(it will be very long!) game you play as Mark Anderson, a member of CYS(not actually a member of CYS) that during a date with two girls, is knocked out and has a proposal from the Devil himself to join him. However, don't worry, there are plenty of paths to choose from if you wish to do something else: The Devil's Pet Path, The New Devil Path, The Cultist Path, The Demon Hunter Path, The Exterminator Hunter Path, The Angellic Hunter Path, The Loyal Angel Path The New Archangel Path, The Fallen Angel Path and A Secret Path, hell I might add even more. Also, please note that this game might have some religious themes in it, so if you are too zealous in your beliefs, don't play this game or you will most likely be offended... and in case you ask, yes, this game will be huge. One last thing, if you wish for me to add a cameo, then please, feel free to PM me. Currently trying to work on it...

- Hunter's Quest: Loosely tied in with Demonic Awakening, you take your place as a Hunter on the hunt for all the mythical beings of the world, be they demons or angles, or maybe they're kobolds or orcs, who knows? I plan to have three paths to this game. On Hold...

Legendary: A Orc's Tale: This game details the backstory of Bronos, a character in a old RP I participated on this site. This game will be quite linear as it is sort of a backstory/prequel to a RP named only Legendary. I'm really not sure about this game...

- Testing, Testing: It's not a storygame, it's just me dabbling with the advanced editor to try and untangle it before I make a storygame using aforementioned editor. Haven't learned a lot, really.

- The Dying World: While it is still in developmental stage, I have quite a few things settled for this game, really. I think I'm working it?...

- The Protagonists Quest: This game will be a fantasy game about a character that you'll design at the start of the game. Then, you'll proceed in quite a few adventures of your own choice, heck, you might even be able to fight the almighty narrator if you know what to pick. I'm really trying(and failing) to work on this...

- The Survivor: Still in developmental stage. Might delete this one...

Unbound: This game is basically, The Protagonists Quest, but with the advanced editor and much larger than I plan TPQ to be. On Hold until I learn how the Advanced Editor works

Unusual Adventure: Well, this game is randomness in person, I have no idea what spurred me to create this, but I'll finish this game... eventually. I'll work on it... later

As for other games, I have plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but I don't want to burden myself even more than I already have with the current storygames, though if you really want to know these ideas of mine, again, feel free to PM me.

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A Fantasy Average Joe

There are people who are born great and there are people who are born in the worst of conditions, and then there's you, the average joe, named... Joe.

You live in a fantasy world, filled with many different species, but again, fate wanted you to be as average as possible and made you a average human.

And rub in the wound, you were placed in a boring average human city... of course, you were born average, but fate is nothing if not flexible, you can exit from your averageness and become... above average... hopefully.

A Soldier's Story

To be added

Chaos Story

Demonic Awakening

Ah, the life of a demon is a good one! Unless you are not in the process of being turned to ashes by an angel or anything like that. This story will be about our fellow CYS user(not an actual user) Mark, and how, one fateful night, as he is walking with two girls, at night, he is knocked out by some unseen force. There, King D (a.k.a the Devil) makes him a proposition to turn him into a demon... from there things will only get fun!

This story will be a long one, with about 9 paths that you can pick from. You can play it out to find them! The story will take place in probably several years, so landscape might change by a lot(especially on one of those paths!)... Well all I can say now is good luck!


Glory or Death

A warrior's life revolves around the glory of combat, earning glory for himself and his master(if a knight) and having his name akin to the people of legends. However, when a battle is impossible to win, a warrior's code get blurry and people might not blame the warrior for losing or even running away from battle.

However, what will you do, should a situation like that arise? Will you stand and fight, or will you run away? Will you stay true with your loyalties, or will you betray your friends and join the enemy in the hopes for keeping your life and title?

Well... why don't we find that out right now?

Hotel CYStia: Welcome to CYS!
unpublished , coauthor

For many, CYStia is a place where people can travel to in order to achieve enlightenment in writing. For the less, CYStia is a prison. But you, my friend, have been here for more than two seconds, so I present to you the great and noble HOTEL CYSTIA! Please, take your room key and call room service. They will tell you everything you need to know. Thanks for staying at Hotel CYStia!

Hunter's Quest

..Earth, a place where fantasy doesn't exist, where creatures such as werewolves, vampires and all supernatural things exist only in our minds... Or do they?

You play as a Hunter of these creatures, to make sure that the populace stays unaware of these creatures existence, luckily for you, you are not alone in this nigh impossible quest, there are plenty of other hunters to aid you, one of them from Australia, codename Delta, another one from Japan, who likes to call himself Naruyasha and one guy coming from the supernatural world called the NecroKnight, but don't worry, your team is not alone, there are plenty of other hunter teams around the Earth to help you... or kill you.


Legendary: A Orc's Tale

Testing, Testing!


The Last Humans

You wake up in a bed in what seems to be a small decrepit home with only a bow, a dagger and a note from a mysterious person simply warning you of the dangers outside. What dangers though, the mysterious person does not mention.

TBE(To Be Edited)

The Protagonist's Quest!

WARNING: Some paths of this story will be quite stereotypical of a fantasy hero rescuing the damsel in distress kind of thing

Take your place as the awesome protagonist of a quest that only you can do(or anyone that plays this really), be it from saving the princess from the evil dragon to maybe even kidnapping a princess and killing the heroes who come for her, it's your choice, really!

The Survivor

War... something part of human nature and it seems that of the natures of many other species as well. You're a citizen part of the small kingdom of Adamantia. The kingdom in itself is rich, these riches is what made the two neighbors of your nation to declaring war.

As it seems that your nation will be torn apart, you will have to choose the way that will at least help you survive if not anyone else. Will you assure only your survival or die trying, or maybe you will try to rally your people against the hopeless odds?

The Traveling Soul

Setting: Fantasy

Main Character: A Soul capable of inhabiting and taking over other bodies

Main Plots: Unknown

Side Characters: Unknown

Cameos: Unknown

To Rule An Empire



It is in the nature of everyone of us to dream, to dream of things that we could achieve, of the obstacles we could overcome, of all the people we would save... however, most of us do only that, dream and yet we never really try to leave the safety that the things we know have provided us, we never try to make those dreams come true, but now, you have chance to achieve your dream, using the last of my powers, I will take you on a possibly perilous adventure in which there is the high possibility that you will perish, but should you succeed, then you dream will have come true...

(For what I have in mind for this game, it will be a HUGE game that I proposed myself of making but only recently got around to try and creating. You will be set in a vague fantasy world, at first, details about it will be almost non-existant as you develop your character.)

Unnamed Sole Survivor Story

To be written at a later date...

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Chaos Contest on 3/8/2017 4:23:02 PM

I have not published a story on this site yet, maybe this will motivate me to get writing a bit!

Sign me up for 100 points and let's do this!

Writing Prompts Week #10 on 3/7/2017 3:18:04 PM

I'm not sure if I'll be able to write this prompt, but could you please tag me as well from now on?

The Revolutionary War.. BUT WITH MECHS!! on 3/4/2017 6:00:40 PM

To be honest, I would rather have this maintain the steampunk idea, not due to the fact that the other genre's are bad, but due to the fact the era the game is set in. The steampunk would work by itself just fine as is right now and it would actually be quite fitting(except... you know, the mechs) if you ask me.

As mentioned previously, on 3/4/2017 3:44:46 AM

Well, hello there Virtualide! Nice to see a another familiar face(or profile rather) still on this site! Well, to be fair, I haven't changed my profile picture in a very long while, so I guess that helps with recognition a bit and I haven't changed my account 3-4 times(like someone I know -_-), so I guess my username would be fairly easy to remember as well.

I also feel like we were supposed to be working on something at one point...

The Revolutionary War.. BUT WITH MECHS!! on 3/3/2017 6:48:15 PM

Der Titan, or the Titan will be the absolute pride of the German Army, mein emperor. A massive mech, easily twice the size of what most other nations would qualify as a safe size for a mech, this machine has two wrist-mounted cannons easily able to pierce the armor of most other mechs, however, when facing against large numbers of infantry, the mech can switch the cannons to two rapid-fire machine guns to obliterate any such opposing force. However, should the need arise for this mech to fight in close quarters, it can always count on it's trusty sword placed on the hip and made to look like the cavalry swords of the regular. Lastly, should any of these weapons fail the mech and it's pilot, the extra thick armor on it's fists can be used as a highly effective bludgeoning weapon against other mechs, though it has little use again any infantry as they would be too small and too fast to kill properly.

?The armor of the Titan befits its name as it has been made extra thick to prevent it from being incapacitated by any lesser machine or weapon, and it has been carefully made by the toughest materials available to the Reich(German Empire) to prevent the fall of such a glorious machine.

?However, nothing is without it's flaws, not even the Reich's machines. First of all, the size of this glorious mech and the thickness if it's armor makes it extra slow both when waking and in combat, however, the armor should protect both the pilot and the mech's core from the weapons of any lesser machine.

?Its second flaw is that very few of these machines can be deployed due to the expensive nature of their making, as such, it must be backed either by large numbers of infantry, or by a compact number of smaller but still as effective Reich mechs.

?Lastly, since the core of the mech is based on the ones of the smaller versions of the German mechs it should be known that this mech must refuel once every half a day of heavy fighting.

?Mein Emperor, I need to remind you that this is merely a sketch of what I have planned for this, the true thing will be most fearsome and very effective on the battlefield and not only will crush everyone under their metal heels, but they will bring about a new glorious era for the German Empire!

?With the utmost respect, the Head of the Mech Development, Heinrich Gustaf.

?P.S: This letter should have arrived with a few rough sketches that will show what I truly have in mind for this mech.

?This may have been a bit weird, but I felt it a bit necessary to present a new mech idea as if a war-time engineer proposed plans for a new weapon to a leader quite fitting considering what you asked of us. Sorry for any mistakes that may be present in this, I am currently writing this on my mobile phone.

As mentioned previously, on 3/3/2017 5:11:38 PM

Well, it's really nice to see that this site has been actually improving and it's even better to see that there are so many hard-working people on the site. I mean I'm both ashamed(of myself) and happy by the fact that there are people that have been here for about half a year and they have about three times the amount of points I have.

You really have a good memory when it concerns people, I mean, I only really remembered a few very significant people on the site like the mods, Sentinel, Malk and a few more people. I mean I had interacted with Thara quite a bit, yet I wasn't sure if this was the same person I interacted before I went on hiatus.

Well, I'll stop here since you(or anyone, really)did not come here to this thread to hear my ramblings and instead, I wish you yet again a happy birthday!

As mentioned previously, on 3/3/2017 4:53:09 PM

So you are a female deer? Well, then that both amazes me and terrifies me that a deer is more capable at writing than a lot of the humans that have been on this site...

As mentioned previously, on 3/3/2017 4:50:46 PM

I'm graced by the fact that you remember me when we barely had any contact.

Then, thank god you were not here during the times when there so many trolls and Warrior Cats fans and crappy stories that you would have probably been scared away by the horrible status the site was in.

Also, I wish to validate what Crecscentstar said. You truly ARE the best!

As mentioned previously, on 3/3/2017 4:42:32 PM

Well, this as good a time to sneak back in to the site as ever!

Well, though you may not know me, I wish you a happy birthday Seto, and may you grace this site with your presence for many years to come!

Draw My Attention (New Age of Sage) on 3/2/2017 5:45:02 AM

Recommending a comment for featuring:

Awesomeland - The Adventure Begins


This game's maturity level is misleading. I thought this was a game for kids to be honest. 

Alright, I'll start with my criticism now. 

The thing that I hate about most stories is that the first page doesn't hook me at all. It is the foundation of your storygame! At least you make up for it by making your game interesting. 

Second, this game is... random. I understand that it may be the whole point but you didn't do a fine job being random. This game's idea wasn't really thought out and every option on the game is random. 

Here's my third point. I gone through about 4 endings and realized that this game is so linear. So much end game and leave comments links that your story ends in 3 clicks or so. I gave up trying to find the other endings because i'm sure that the game will end suddenly. 

The fourth point? The maturity level. How is this game a choking hazard for children under 4 if it includes swearing? 

The fifth point? The description says that this game is a serious funny storygame. There's clearly a difference between a game with random choices and a funny serious story with a plot. It's simply too random to be considered a story at all! A story have a well thought plot and not just random choices. 

Here are some positives: 

The author of this story did a good job putting details into this story. At least you didn't make this story boring. The only problem is the slightly random first page.

-- Plelb on 1/21/2017 11:01:09 AM



I am charmed by your writing style and the world you've begun creating. I don't think we need a lot of background, because it seems to be irrelevant to the story. Your story seems to thrive in that aspect of now where the past doesn't exist. I like how your branching story arcs lead back to specific endings almost as if you achieve endings based on the thought and emotion behind the decisions you made. Specific types of decisions lead to specific types of endings. I would have liked that to be fleshed out more because aside from one particular ending, none of them really felt earned. 

Your writing was enough to get me in, but I think the story itself needed a bit more meat.

-- Tyrannosaurusrex on 3/1/2017 6:58:05 PM with a score of 0