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Hello, has curiosity brought you here to my profile, or pure boredom? Either way, I wish you happy readings, interested reader!

Anyway, if you need to know anything about me is that I am from that country you've never heard of called Romania and my age is 21. I'm currently in the process of becoming active on this site once again, writing stories, participating in contests, being generally active on the forums, etc.

If you're interested in what stories I'm currently in the process of writing, or my progress on said stories, then I'm afraid you're out of luck. I've decided to keep things like that out of my profile. However if you're interested in what I'm writing then check the Writing Workshop, for I might have a progress thread for stories there, or if you're that keenly interested, then PM me and ask me in person!

Well, that's all there is to my profile, see you later!

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A Fantasy Average Joe

There are people who are born great and there are people who are born in the worst of conditions, and then there's you, the average joe, named... Joe.

You live in a fantasy world, filled with many different species, but again, fate wanted you to be as average as possible and made you a average human.

And rub in the wound, you were placed in a boring average human city... of course, you were born average, but fate is nothing if not flexible, you can exit from your averageness and become... above average... hopefully.

Chaos Story

Demonic Awakening

Ah, the life of a demon is a good one! Unless you are not in the process of being turned to ashes by an angel or anything like that. This story will be about our fellow CYS user(not an actual user) Mark, and how, one fateful night, as he is walking with two girls, at night, he is knocked out by some unseen force. There, King D (a.k.a the Devil) makes him a proposition to turn him into a demon... from there things will only get fun!

This story will be a long one, with about 9 paths that you can pick from. You can play it out to find them! The story will take place in probably several years, so landscape might change by a lot(especially on one of those paths!)... Well all I can say now is good luck!


Hotel CYStia: Welcome to CYS!
unpublished , coauthor

For many, CYStia is a place where people can travel to in order to achieve enlightenment in writing. For the less, CYStia is a prison. But you, my friend, have been here for more than two seconds, so I present to you the great and noble HOTEL CYSTIA! Please, take your room key and call room service. They will tell you everything you need to know. Thanks for staying at Hotel CYStia!

Hunter's Quest

..Earth, a place where fantasy doesn't exist, where creatures such as werewolves, vampires and all supernatural things exist only in our minds... Or do they?

You play as a Hunter of these creatures, to make sure that the populace stays unaware of these creatures existence, luckily for you, you are not alone in this nigh impossible quest, there are plenty of other hunters to aid you, one of them from Australia, codename Delta, another one from Japan, who likes to call himself Naruyasha and one guy coming from the supernatural world called the NecroKnight, but don't worry, your team is not alone, there are plenty of other hunter teams around the Earth to help you... or kill you.


Legendary: A Orc's Tale

The Last Humans

You wake up in a bed in what seems to be a small decrepit home with only a bow, a dagger and a note from a mysterious person simply warning you of the dangers outside. What dangers though, the mysterious person does not mention.

TBE(To Be Edited)

To Rule An Empire



It is in the nature of everyone of us to dream, to dream of things that we could achieve, of the obstacles we could overcome, of all the people we would save... however, most of us do only that, dream and yet we never really try to leave the safety that the things we know have provided us, we never try to make those dreams come true, but now, you have chance to achieve your dream, using the last of my powers, I will take you on a possibly perilous adventure in which there is the high possibility that you will perish, but should you succeed, then your dream will have come true...

(For what I have in mind for this game, it will be a HUGE game that I proposed myself of making but only recently got around to try and creating. You will be set in a vague fantasy world, at first, details about it will be almost non-existant as you develop your character.)

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Feens and Faggots on 12/21/2017 1:09:30 PM

I take it you've reached 87k words by now?

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 12/21/2017 1:03:24 PM

B. Yeah, as others have said before me, I don't think breaking the rules would be our best idea at the moment.

Historical Figures on 12/19/2017 8:10:37 AM

He said it was racist because Malcom X and Shaka Zulu did not look one bit alike, one was a tribal leader and the other was a civil rights activist.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 12/18/2017 7:24:37 AM


Because I'm sure that pen will somehow be important later during this.

Doki Doki Literature Club Review on 12/17/2017 10:58:50 AM

Ok, let me explain this in a better fashion.

First, reinstall the game so the data files are reset properly. Then, start the game and go through one of the routes, preferably start with Sayori's, and go her route up until the point you can choose to accept her confession, or friendzone her, don't choose anything yet, just save and exit the current playthrough(it doesn't really matter if you invite Yuri or Natsuki home with you, just make sure you invite the other person in one of the next two playthroughs).

Then, proceed to do both the Yuri and Natsuki routes(use saves if you want to, just don't overwrite the first save) up until the point Sayori confesses to you. Now, you can either load the first save and make your choice there or simply make your choice at the current playthrough, I personally tried the latter and it worked for me.

Either way, Sayori hangs herself and the game supposedly ends, though you probably knew this. If you start a new game, then a bugged out version of Sayori appears(since she's been deleted and all). Now, the game resets with a slightly new plotline, though you'll still end up in the club either way.

Things will be pretty much the same this day(though if you pay attention, there's a chance that one posters in the back might change to the picture of a hung Sayori), however now you'll only be able to go through either Yuri or Natsuki's route. I don't think it matters whose route you choose since if you choose Natsuki, Yuri will basically force you into her route.

From here on, you just need to play the route up until Monika deletes the two characters. Then it's just you and her, she talks a bit, she explains the situation, you have to do a pretty meaningless poem and then... well, if you want to proceed, you can go into the characters folder in the game's folder and delete Monika's file, however, I'd recommend reading some of her dialogue if you can be a bit patient, it actually is pretty interesting.

And from the moment you delete Monika's character file, then well, you can proceed since there won't really be any other choices you'll have to pick. Now, if you have done what I have written until now, then instead of the new Sayori going crazy and trying to take over, she'll thank you for trying to make all of them happy and then... the game ends with Monika's piano song(which I quite enjoy) and then a letter from Dan Salvato himself congratulating you for finding the true end to his game... and then done.


... or, if you're too lazy to play the game again, you can watch this guy complete it, it's quite entertaining.

CYS Adventure! on 12/16/2017 8:39:15 PM

Hand him a belt.

Sorry 'bout this Tim...

Doki Doki Literature Club Review on 12/16/2017 8:37:04 PM

Well, as someone who played the game(and got the same ending as you... twice) I know that you actually got a bad ending. You can get the proper ending if you play everyone's path via different saves before the Sayori suicide scene. Then, you play the game as you have until now, except now at the end, Sayori won't go crazy and will congratulate you for trying to make everyone happy... then after the song plays, you get a letter from Dan Salvato himself congratulating you for finding the game's proper ending...

... yeah, needless to say, I actually enjoyed the game and would give it a 9/10.

Darth Maul: A disappointment on 12/8/2017 4:20:02 PM

Well, to be honest, I've always felt kind of ambivalent about Maul. I mean, yeah, he was cool and his lightsaber duel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan was quite epic, but to be honest, I've never really liked him THAT much, I enjoyed him when he fought, but that's pretty much it.

However, a character that I really had high hopes for was Grevious, I mean, he looked badass fighting with four lightsabers at the same time AND it was shown by the trophies he had that he killed a great deal of jedi despite the fact that he was unable to use the force. I mean, he kicked ass in the original Clone Wars cartoon and while in the newer one he was more of a coward than usual he was still strong enough to be a significant threat.

However, in the movies, all he did was fight with Obi-Wan and then he died by a blaster shot to the chest. A pretty bad ending for a character as cool as that, if you ask me.

Old site members on 12/3/2017 1:47:28 PM

Yeah, well, I come here from time to time to check what's new to the site. And when I saw a thread about old site members I immediately checked it to see if anyone I knew was mentioned and needless to say, I was surprised to see that I was the one of the people being mentioned.

Old site members on 12/3/2017 12:24:49 PM

To be honest, I'm actually honored to have been remembered as one of the best forum-gamers around, it actually brings a tear to my eye. To be honest, I'm actually happy that I've been remembered at all considering that I haven't really been on that much recently.

Also, I'm back... again!