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Just a Highschool guy who stumbled upon this infinite story-website fulfilling his writing dreams. Well, tell you what "The World" became so boring when we get older (same like your birthday). But the truth be told I like fantasy more than anything. Like to talking to myself about a few years ago (Nevermind I just Insane). I just have a little more time before the National Exam and other Shit to come (I doomed for ETERNITY if i didnt pass this shit out). Heck i want to be writer but they said like "You Just Amateur". and I replied like "Well F*ck U man!".

An outcast i am, Alienated by society and became the minority (fuck u peoples). Well look My description is "Little Bit" Rekt up there. So, I am a "Nice Person" if i being an "asshole" to you, you need to ask yourself what u had done. I loved games MMORPG kinda shit, an adrenaline junkies, A hacker(?) well that's probably worth questioning.

"Don't mind me, do your job, pay your taxes, had a bunch of kids, obey the law, and repeat after me U just doing a lame life cycle" -Deathbringer_

"I don't like heroes, that's why i'm became more serious to be badass pure-hearted convict. a villain to restore justice, or people who are led astray from the path of righteousness to act like a freeman, the rebellious teenager which claimed the freedom as an Anarchy, and as a crook which had a romantic persona" -Deathbringer_



Harbinger Of Death

The great power comes within your grasp, the shadowy dance and the corruption spread within you. Unleash the most vile thought to conquer the expanding universe of this game. The Path of Damned to sought control the dead and Make yourself to Reign Over The Land.

The Legendarium Of Mythos