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Hi. My name is jacob, and i love playing games! My favorite one is company of heroes 2! My lifelong passion is reading and watching documentarys about history because its so goddamn interesting!    My candy is watching documentarys about german military history actually. Es ist erstaunlich interesssante. my gender is not a shemale or a maleshe,wtf? im not a girl either, what am i? I love reading different types of choose your own story's, and i love playing games with my friends, but i am however very bad at writing cyos, which is weird but its probably because i dont have the time to write one. A good one. If anyone wants to play company of heroes to with me, add me on steam. -Lemon man 389. David bowie ruuules!


astor the huntsman v2

Astor made it out of the dungeon and he is now seeking revenge. He is now living with his good friend but someone is pursuing him and now he has to run away.

Jurgen the warrior

A story about the journey of Jurgen the warrior. He also has a quest to kill the dragon koldarhgez who live up on the black cloud mountain. Jurgen will face many challenges and will he survive?