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Hi. I'm Olivia and I like reading and creating storygames. I like cats, playing piano, computer coding, Saturday, and tennis. Like anyone cares, though. Android is better than Apple.

Gender: female

Location: Earth

Favorite Storygames: Homo Perfectus 1-8, Ground Zero, Prometheus Academy


Does this happen to everyone?

A girl has to move away from her friends. She makes new ones, though. Eventually, she gets used to her new home and begins to like it there, even though a small part of her wishes she didn't move.

That's the future that sixteen-year-old Meara Jones envisions when her father gets a high-paying job four hours away. After all, that's what happens to anyone when they move, right?

When her family relocates to Ivy Hills and Meara gains several special abilities, she realizes that things will not be that simple.

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Font/color/right-click problems on 10/4/2016 6:20:57 PM

I know some people who think so.

Font/color/right-click problems on 10/3/2016 8:46:54 PM

What did I do wrong? I know I'm new here, but this forum is specifically called "Bugs & Problems" and that is what I am asking about. This thread isn't a dead thread, and the person who said the problem was solved is still online. 

Font/color/right-click problems on 10/3/2016 8:37:24 PM

I have the same problem. How did you fix it?

An Option To Delete Your Comments on 9/30/2016 7:12:09 PM

There should be an option to delete or edit your own comments. Also, if you created a storygame you should be able to delete comments on it.