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Another Bizarre Day

I´ll let you experience this game for yourself, I wouldn´t want to spoil anything ;)

In the End of the World

Yet another game by I, the world creator Joshie, My game is about you... Yes you, you are in Goldfinch High spending time with your friends but then you hear from the teacher´s lounge about the sky turning red. The end is near, monsters rise and the temperature is so hot you can barely thing straight, death is around every corner for you or your allies, some allies have special skills and if they die and you make a choice that requires them then it will end in certain death for you and the rest of your party. There are many endings to this game and I will probably make a mistake so if I mess up with links or anything let me know.

Tyrant Dragon

This is my first game so don't judge, if this doesn't get finished its because i have too much ambition and not enough will to do so, So basically this game is about being a dragon from birth to death, what you choose in between these times is your choice, will you become a tyrant king, a cave hermit, or a caring dragon who loves humans (I plan to add more endings so don't worry)