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I am a kitteh cat :3


I love to draw and paint! So, I guess I'm a Kitty Cat Artist, huh? ^-^

I'm also that depressed kid who sits in the corner, not joining in on parties. Heh, I was practically forced to go to this one party once *starts rambling about said party*

Whoops.. haha. I shall leave you to look at a blank wall. Well, a blank profile. 



I only come on here to talk with others in messages ^-^

Cause well, thats the only way I seem to get a friend. well, find a friend.. BACK TO HAPPY STUFF--

I love writing, drawing, painting, sketching, reading(I LOVE TO READ :3 you can find me either drawing or reading 24/7)

I dislike people who hurt the small amount of friends I have, annoying people, How i'm shy... really shy.. and all the other medical stuff wrong with me. I won't tell you that, but you can message me about it if you reaaaally want to. 

I also seem to be Psychic XD as my friend NEVER tells me whats going on in her story and I just guess the next part with pretty dang good accuracy as she says. :3