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Hi, Categories? on 4/9/2020 8:29:56 AM

Thank you! It will probably take a long time to write but I hope to do something you'll all enjoy. (or at least find interesting ;) )

Hi, Categories? on 4/9/2020 8:28:49 AM

Thanks you for all the advice! I really do hope to finish this story even if it takes a long time, as I know how irritating it is to read bad work :/, I'll make sure to get the extension as I was wondering why the spaces were so big! 

I have indeed looked over multiple works on this website and, after being thoroughly impressed by some off them, I really want to push myself into creating good content. Especially when I see how seriously everyone takes commenting. That's actually one of the reasons I wanted to join.

Proofreading will indeed be very important for me as I know I can make a loooooot of spelling mistakes, even after re-reading myself for the 1000th time ...

(ps: Yep, didn't know what to put as profile picture but I didn't want to leave it blank either so I put a quick drawing I did, I'll change it when I have something better to put there ;). Thanks again!)

Hi, Categories? on 4/8/2020 7:12:19 PM

First of all, hello!

I just joined today and I have a question regarding the categories. I am writing a choice game at the moment and it is about “you” waking up in hospital (wow original, I know.) and not knowing if the man who greets you is really who he says he is or not. I really don’t know if it should be in horror or in mystery?

I feel like any of the choices I make will lead to spoiling the story a bit except the mystery one, but then people won’t know it’s a “psychological horror” story.


Any advise?