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Hello Everyone! I am new here so please show me the strings! I might have some questions so please be kind and answer me back. I just did my first 2 StoryGames called Wolf Adventures and Do you know the Classics. Check them out and comment on them. 

Now, for a little more about me! I obviously love wolves. I am sure its not my name or the picture or even the name of my first storygame. So if you figured it out, then your a mind reader. :)

Anyway I pefer not to give any personal, personal info but I can tell you a little. For all I am wolf crazy I am also horse crazy! I ride english 3 times a week and will be entering shows soon. I own a golden retriever and a Pekinese and 2 cats. I am sure though you dont want to here about my life so I will let you be on that note!

Thanks for reading!

- WolfCrazy


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Do you Know the Classics?

A fun quiz on some of the old movies! Don't cheat and look the answers up! Lets see how much you know!

Please do not judge my grammar!!!!

Also be nice. This is only my second StoryGame.

What I want to Be!

A fun poem that you make the outcome of.

It is short people, i got that. So do not say too short or boring. It is supposed to be a small fun little thing you can enjoy and are not tortured with!

Wolf Pack Sim

This will be short, fun, silly, and totally random! So please enjoy this new twist on a wolf pack sim!