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My name is The illegal_potato, my species is a potato. im a male ( we have a way of telling ). Im eleven years old, but hey i may be eleven years but that does not change my intellect or vocabulary. so if you want to judge me don't use my age. I enjoy writing and reading. one of my favorite story's is scythe. I look forward to read and write story's on  The story im working on right now is "the cannibal" based on the game dead by daylight. here is a small preview 



wether killers perform their heinous acts by the compulsions of their diseased minds or if they are forced into them by

external pressures, has long been a matter of debate. but for one killer nature and nurture are inextricably linked.

Leatherface kills not from a desire to exert his will over others, but to satisfy carnal urges, or even to quiet the voices

in his head. he kills because he is scared. scared that others will hurt him. scared that his family will be displeased with

him, scared that their willingness to eat human flesh would be discovered. he does as he is told his family loves him,

and that is all that matters. outsiders are a threat, and threats must be dealt with. he is not just a protector, he has

many roles and each role matters. he serves dinner, cares for the family, dresses well when they eat. his grandpa and

ma used to take care of every one, but grandpa has gotten old, and ma was eaten when they were out of food. so

Leatherface and his brothers had to take over, family is everything to him. family is security and safety. even

though he did his best one of the kids got away. he tried to stop her, chasing after her as fast as he can. but

she had help from another outsider, driving a truck the evil trucker killed his brother, and ran over him like a possum.

in a fury, Leatherface leapt at the trucker, the saw ready to avenge his brother! but the trucker was faster. he turned

his own saw against him! It sliced his own arm blood everywhere, he could not help but scream. he screamed like the

food, screamed like the people he ate. the trucker and the escaped girl both rode into the night. the rage, the grief,

and the pain all combined with all the worry about would would happen with his family now? they would surely return

with the police, and the police would take his brothers, his grandpa. without them what would he do? without their

commands, he would wither and die. As his world collapsed ( mentally and physically ) , Leatherface spun in circles.

swinging his saw all around, trying to fight off the myriad external threats that were around him. then another thought

took over his mind; he realized that no matter what any outsider can do to him, there would always be a greater fear.

something bigger and worse than anything. he was filled with a terror unlike anything he had felt before. but it was

almost comforting. like the fear he had felt with his family. the fear of disappointing them. outsiders would come to him 

but he would use his skills to overcome any threats. He would make the world be quiet again! until the only sound left 

will be the howl of his glorious chainsaw  Let The Outsiders Come 

there is the short preview of my story