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Forsaken Land

The year is 1945, the second World War still going wild and it is unknown on whether or not we're winning the war. You served some time in the Marine Corps before and during the war, you were honorably discharged due to injuries sustained on the battlefield with the Japs. You spent some doing some expeditions after the war, as well as doing some archeological digs for dinosaur bones and lost treasures from lost civilizations. One day however, you are approached by a gentleman of sorts, asking you for a favor. He requests that you go along with him and his team to lost island, one that promises riches, fame and glory, as well as answers to the unknown. The only problem is, it's in the Pacific, and you have made quite the name for yourself with the Japanese... You have a decision to make, will you go with the gentleman or will you pass up on such a great archeological offer?