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Dog Zone

You will be living the life from a little dog pup all the way to death. Depending on your choices will depend what you (the dog) will become.

This story has no one good ending. It does have some bad endings but this is definitely not a linear game. This game might be short but there are lots of different options and different endings. Each ending ends with a death, but depending on the death and how you lived your life will tell you how good/bad the ending is.

Enter the Maze

You will be going into a maze.

It will just ask you what direction you want to go to, so draw the maze as you play (This will make it much easier).

This is Your World, so Deal With it.

Welcome to World Builder!

In this story you will be a floating spirit building a world of your choice. The things you do determins what your world will look like in the end. This is not a regular story you'll be used to, instead of following some ones life, you are mostly building your own story, that people in your world (if people can actually live on it) will tell for generations. At the beginning you will be doing big choices, but near the end you will be micro managing your world (ie. Determining your world size, what kind of things will live on it, how people will live, etc).