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Luck of the Twelve

You're the unknown twelfth daughter of the Devil but on the night of your 26th birthday, it becomes very apparent. As the youngest child, you've not only inherited eleven siblings that pretty much despise you, but you've also inherited a hellhound. Cerberus, specifically. And not as a pet, mind you. He's in you. Like, in your body. Like you're his host. And he hates it. And you. Plus, he's not only the gatekeeper of the Underworld, he's also a harbinger. Of Chaos and Destruction.

And you're a fucking pacifist. 

This is fine. You'll be fine. The fact that the entirety of the demon population as well as your eleven siblings of varying power levels are all chasing you to steal Cerberus is barely a blip on your radar. Because there are more important things. Like making sure your life isn't suddenly fire and brimstone. 

I suppose it's a good thing dear ol' Daddy actually loves ya, yeah?

STYLE: This is a long ass story. Description is its best friend and commas are its kryptonite. I kid, kind of. But seriously, there is a lot of description. The five W's and the single H, plus extra probably. And I'm doing my best to keep it in the style of Chekhov's gun. Wait, maybe I shouldn't have told you that. You read nothing, there are dead ends in this story and things that'll be mentioned once and never be seen again, heck yeah. No Chekhov's gun here.

SETTING: Takes place on Earth, maybe a decade in the future. Think of how controversial and hectic things are today and pretend that nothing has been done and it's only gotten ridiculously worse every year. Will also feature H-E-double hockey sticks; I'm thinking of some sort of combo of Dante's Inferno with the levels for different "sins" (but there will be some minor, possibly major, tweaks because I'm not religious and never will be so I gots a different perspective of the underground)


The White Disk

White floppy disk that contains virus that could wipe out all electronics on the planet. Created by scientist David Trinity, who faked his death, escaped, and changed his identity. Ends up in possession of estranged daughter. Daughter unaware of father's creation and former life.