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Hello! I'm relatively new to this site, but I have always loved story games! I'm currently working on my first stories, I hope you like them!


The Big Move

You have just figured out you are moving to an entirely new town over the summer. You have to leave behind your many middle school friends to start high school with no friends. This story is about the move itself; the high school story will take place in another story, if all goes well with this one.

Your choices will have a say in where you'll ultimately be moving, and most of your decisions will have an impact in the story. (Such as choosing to go to certain open houses and exploring those houses, and what you think of them, when to tell your friends in the school year, when you should start packing and what you should pack, etc.) There are many small side stories along with this main story, and you start off as an 8th grade girl.

One more thing; this story is set pretty deep into reality. No options lead to your death, or on magical adventures. (The former may be a good thing...)

P.S. This is my first story, so try to be kind in your comments! Also, as you may have guessed, this story is very loosely based on my life. I hope you like it!

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