A Crazy Dimension Called Life

Player Rating4.18/8

"#283 overall, #20 for 2006"
based on 228 ratings since 03/07/2007
played 2,985 times (finished 282)

Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length5/8

"Not going to lose any sleep"

Maturity Level4/8

"need to be accompanied by an adult"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.



This is a somewhat comedic story about you, living in a cheap apartment in the outer section of Salt Lake City, Utah, where things quickly stray from the ordinary. It is my first make-your-own-adventure game, and I hope you enjoy it.

Update (3-6-07): Edited some spelling errors, as well as the believability of some options, along with the addition of a new path, which can lead to a new way to win the game.

Player Comments

Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoyed this. The humor was spot-on, the writing was great and free of any errors, grammatical or otherwise. The real thing about this game though, was that it actually kept going, and was the anti of linear. Every next page I thought for sure it would end, but no, to my happiness each page presented me with four more choices. Talk about branching. I also enjoyed the plot of this game, which I found interesting and funny. 5/8 from me.
-- FazzTheMan on 12/19/2014 1:03:15 AM
well i didn't really play long enough to give a rating because i died pretty quickly but oh well it was alright
-- Kevin on 6/3/2018 11:42:06 AM
I really liked the humour and played a long time to have different endings all of which I also really liked. I think it was refreshing to have such a simple, well-written and humorous story and I would recommend playing it.
-- Heuhaufen on 1/28/2018 6:30:00 AM
It's a pretty funny game, what with all the randomness.

Some pages have a some weird spelling mistakes.

I liked this game a lot, and there are quite a few different endings you can get, good ones and death ones. The knocking on the door one, for example, while unrealistic depending on how you choose to answer there'll be different people there.

From living in the wild the rest of your life to a pet rat in the future, there are many good endings. But there are also pretty random death endings, some that don't even make sense. Like death by 10 pound pizza? Who says I orders that much? But, to me, that makes it more fun, not knowing is you are going to live or have a silly death from some random thing.

Very creative, and a good story.
-- BunnyCatMouse99100 on 1/25/2018 7:57:38 PM
played twice died twice...quickly
-- upchuckles on 12/10/2017 4:26:11 AM
Pretty good me hearty XD
-- Jesza on 11/12/2017 6:42:05 AM
Well, that was... interesting. SCHILLING IS THE BEST PET OF ALL TIME. And before that, my head was a watermelon for a while. Strange, but entertaining.
-- AskFemaleScourge on 8/19/2017 3:40:02 PM
This was a fair attempt at a storygame, though I think it hits the problem lots of the random genre tends to: there's no real storyline.
Without a storyline, I don't really know what end I'm looking for. Sure, I guess this game is about just living life in a weird, surreal World, but there's no motivation for me to keep going. With no motivation, it becomes harder to keep the audience interested.
That being said, I did like a fair amount of the humour and thought quite a bit of it was well written.
Two other things to improve, I'd say, is some of the spelling and grammar (which is easily fixed!) and the fairness of some choices. I died from just choosing to go back to the apartment, for example! With no real proportion of consequences and choices, the reader may as well just blindly click. Overall, I did quite like it.
-- AzBaz on 5/31/2017 4:30:18 PM
Although kind of random it's really fun XD and it sortof makes logical sense and the story paths are pretty cool
-- Chickdove on 5/22/2017 10:14:30 PM
not so cool!
-- mini on 9/18/2016 12:26:06 PM
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