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Hey everyone,

I'm Megumeme, and really I'm just here to read good stories and possibly make a name for myself with my own. I focus on writing and reading fantasy or realistic adventure or horror. Yes, I know they're completely different genres, but they're what I've found I enjoy writing the best.

Currently, I'm writing a short horror story based on an illustration titled "What We Saw Under Lake Mercy" by Trevor Henderson on Instagram. Here's the link: What We Saw Under Lake Mercy. It should be complete by the end of the month.

I'm taking a break from writing Halo, or Hell, no! but if you want to check it out click that link. If you've got any, I could really use the feedback, just remember it's a work in progress and nowhere near a finished product. Just message me if you have any concerns/recommendations.

I also love to proofread so if you have anything I can look over, I'd be happy to help out. I have a decent amount of experience proofreading, and a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't. Remember that I'm in no way a professional though.



Halo, or Hell, no!

Recent Activity: Taking a break. Working on another project.


Would you prefer to be an angel or a demon after you've died? Would you rather be a bloodthirsty warlord or a sneaky reconnaissance agent? In this storygame, you have many choices that will greatly impact the flow of the story, with a unique path for each new branch. 

I should mention that the first two choices offered in the set of four you receive result in a game-end. They are simple endings that do not represent the length of the rest of the story. They are there simply for smaller ideas that do not reflect the rest of the story.
Every choice makes a large impact on the story, so there will be some distance between each choice. This is more like several regular novels in one rather than a full-fledged CYOA.
A quick warning: there are quite a few vivid descriptions of you dying (there's quite a few ways to die as well), so if you're not cool with that, get gud skrub.


Big thanks to Gower for the title as well as Mizal and TheChef for their invaluable advice.

What We Saw Under Lake Mercy

We were always told that Lake Mercy was an unholy place. Its name floated through the town like a poisonous fog. We thought they were myths; just tall tales spread to scare the children away from the mines.

We were wrong.


As is usual for my writing, the story will be largely linear. There will be important choices throughout, though they will be spaced out.

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