Player Comments on Star Defender Gamma

I am so ashamed
-- doodoodude on 5/25/2019 2:43:38 AM with a score of 57
The scripting on this game is pretty broken. I don't believe it was tested even once by the author.

I wish also that people would consider sometimes how annoying it is to have to pick up and use an item as the only means to progress from an otherwise blank dead end. That's not a 'choice', that's pointless clicking.

The game is perfectly capable of putting the item in my inventory and then checking whether I have it. Or just doing away with the item at all and using a variable. Or just saying with words that the character picked up the item and took it to be repaired. Or doing away with that scene altogether because it wasn't necessary at all to the plot. There were many options, and nothing picking up an item on the first page and using it on the next one is fun or interesting.
-- mizal on 3/16/2019 10:19:36 AM with a score of -11
Please fix the dead ends
-- amoralmushroom on 3/14/2019 8:44:52 PM with a score of 0
2/8 There has to be an art to bad story telling.

Were you purposely screwing up the spelling just to annoy your readers? If so bravo!

The only reason I am not rating it 1/8 is due to the fact it looks like you put a little effort into making this.

This thing needs a complete overhaul to even have a chance of not being removed in the event of a bad stories purge.

It's garbage, nothing more needs to be said.
-- Multiverse on 2/24/2019 1:50:33 AM with a score of 5
You got an ehh on the nomnom scale. Your writing was okay? It didn't exactly thrill me, but nice try. Besides the story, the battery thingy: couldn't you have just written out a description instead or just beep.. beep. bep- something like that. Well you did okay?
Conversion Chart:
yuk!=0-1 stars
eh!=1-1.9 stars
meh...=2-2.9 stars
nom=3-3.9 stars
-- Cake_Oi on 1/29/2019 3:19:28 PM with a score of 0
I died really easy.... would have like to have more health, thanks!
-- ????? on 11/20/2017 7:43:56 AM with a score of 0
This is poorly written. It's kind of random and weird. 1/8
-- LilytheMoonCat on 8/19/2017 9:55:02 PM with a score of -11
-- Dude on 4/19/2017 2:57:47 PM with a score of -11
Slightly more fun than homework.
-- TestingJest on 2/10/2017 4:04:05 AM with a score of 49
This was horrible.
-- crusader on 6/14/2016 3:14:48 PM with a score of 0
Slightly more fun than homework. 4/8
-- Frontierloc on 12/27/2015 2:18:36 PM with a score of 0
It was pretty long, which, compared to some of the games on this site, is impressive. The grammar needs to be fixed- there is blatant misspelling on every page. ("Sneakyly," for example, is spelled with an "i.") Also, some more backstory would be good.
-- GMB13carat on 7/26/2015 8:28:39 AM with a score of 57
Surprisingly good, it was just kind of odd that you wrote it knowing there MIGHT be glitches, and I didn't get much (if any) glitches so reading it was kind of odd :p
-- Aman on 3/31/2013 5:33:30 PM with a score of 62
could have been better
-- betaband on 4/19/2012 11:23:33 PM with a score of 50
Pretty good game.
-- XXXXXX on 3/6/2012 10:26:46 PM with a score of 57
Not really a story reminded me of a space black ops
-- bradhal on 11/11/2011 5:38:16 PM with a score of 57
Hey it has potential, some decent puzzle gaming, but many misspellings. And some things didnt make sense, like why there is the option to follow the spy in the food place after ive already followed him and hit him, or why using variables to take us to a separate page you tell the reader not to read a part when I didn't do something earlier, also some parts like the crowbar part seems like random guessing than a tactical choice
-- urnam0 on 10/12/2010 10:34:52 PM with a score of 21
Look at my score, its about max points
-- doodoodude on 10/12/2010 8:21:12 PM with a score of 57
Not terrible but lacking in plural ways. After I pursue the dark shadowy figure in the mess hall, you put me back in the mess hall where I'm able to pursue him again and again and again, etc. You need a link restriction.

There isn't enough backstory for me to really fall-in with the characters, who am I? Why am I there?

Most importantly though, don't release demos. Get a playtester instead.
-- JJJ-thebanisher on 10/10/2010 4:06:03 PM with a score of 0
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