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Mattias the One Knight
Disclaimer: I was about 12 years old when I wrote this. - 3J Play as Mattias, a young boy destined to do great things. Become King, befriend a samurai, get the Destiny sword, gather knights, make a friend in the form of a horse. If that wasn't enouph you also will fulfill a prophecy, meet a water nymph and greet a magician. All here in Mattias, THE one KNIGHT! UPDATES, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK V1. Completed, Many spelling errors. Please Forgive V2. Eased it up a little bit, changed two restrictions. V3. Changed Description, fixed a few spelling errors. V4. Fixed first of Mining village bugs. (Added link to steps) V5. Fixed the rest of the Mining village Bugs. (Took the price from 7000 down to 1400 and fixed some bad links) and Added some clues and another way to get the Destiny Sword. Thanx March I cant wait to be on the front page. V6. Added tons of pictires fixed some spelling errors and slightly edited the description. V7. A couple more spelling errors fixed, I think from Tidus3?
The ParaplaniacsOne in a million, Few Total.Power, Speed, Intelligence are key.They deliver the desperate hopeEliminate the Engineers of EvilAngels?The Groke don't think so.The Paraplaniacs are benevolent.Aren't they? Special Thanks madglee - TestingSethaniel - TestingAerostar - Came up with the name for the Grokes. First to listen to my idea for the Paraplaniacs.The Matrix & Jumper - Influences. Notes You can save only at Shrines.If you die, your link will be only a number, the higher the number the better you've done.If you find yourself with very few options, try going back to your last shrine and spending your experience differently. Choices in battle are affected by your abilities. A negative score, is a result of screwing all of the known universe. A positive score, is a result in success. Versions 1 - Published.
Star Wars, a new Galaxy
In a galaxy even further away from the last one, the sith have taken control of the inner thirty five planets and have destroyed the other ourty five hundred. All this in hope of keeping the galaxy entirely to themselves. The sith have fled from the last galaxy when Luke Skywalker destroyed them. Four endings. Author - JJJ-thebanisherIllustrators - Simpsons, somerandomperson (many thanks)Editors - Miccy2000, somerandompersonGame Tester: Somerandomperson, JJJ-thebanisher, Eddy, Canucks.Special thanks to - Alexp, MikeJ & Jedisplurge.com, also starwarss.com (Its meant to have the extra S) has been an amazing help. Any of the score totals could go over by a couple hundred. Best Ending - Saved the jedi monarch and converted the galaxy to a peaceful rule. Destroyed sith mothercruiser. (Will have around 62, 000 points.) Good Ending - Converted Galaxy to a peaceful rule. Destroyed Sith mothercruiser. (Will have around 21, 500) Mediocre Ending - Converted Galaxy to a peaceful rule. (will have around 13, 000 points) Bad Ending - Died or became incapacitated along the way. (Could have next to any amount, but probably not more then 5000, could not possibley be more then 11, 000) version 1 - Completed, edited and some pictures.
Featured Story The Order of the Midnight Sun
Blue versus red in a classic battle of good versus evil and right versus wrong. This is more story than game and a lot more story than anything I've written previously. There is one true ending (marked by a stirring legend), one other really good ending and there are at least two other legitimate endings. All legitimate endings include epilogues.
The Tower
G(l)aile is a young man, living in the outskirts. His father is a wealthy merchant in Sanctum. He plans on setting out to see his father, but many things turn up and his adventure goes rotten. Hunt for your food, collect ten different weapons each with a generic set of uses in the game,complete difficult puzzles, defeat trolls, persuade orcs, complete quests, evade or hunt massive tribes of wandering cannibals, combat shadows, save your father, find out a long dead truth about your family and yourself and destroy the tower -- pillar of evil. All here in the Tower. Special Thanks madglee - Thank you for helping me with editing, providing support and testing. Actually you've tested my game a BAZILLION of times, and I thank you so much. Your pinpoint editing skills have come in more then handy. You rule dude. Actually you go beyond that, you just plain KICKASS!Exiled Phoenix - You really supported me and gave me great compliments that helped me keep going.Havacoman - No matter what are differences are, you kick ass at pictures.Weedy - Thanks for some of the item pictures man. Table of Contents -- Chapters The OutskirtsThe Road to SanctumThe City of SanctumThe Mountain passThe FringesOrc HighwayTroll CanyonCannibal CreekShadow TerritoryThe Tower. Tips and Hints Visit everything you can before leaving an area, always upgrade your statistics if you can. If you don't you may find yourself stuck. READ EVERYTHING. Also visit libraries for important tips on the game. Getting the most weapons as you can is essential as well. Endings There are three/four endings. One of them you don't get to leave comments on. Death - No commenting.Bad - Commenting (Score in the negatives)Medium - Commenting (Score in the positives)Good - Commenting (Score over 100 Grand) Do not say this in your comments PLEASE!!!! I realize that not every link displays a page number. This is because, previous page links, next chapter links, and links that have nothing to do with the story get nothing. DO NOT BASE YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS!!!! I also realize that its very possible to cheat in many parts of the game. Deal with it. Cheaters will be cheaters. I also also realize that sometimes when you die or win a battle, the events will be hazy. There are two reasons for this, one I cant reveal as it partains to the story. However battles in this game are not "hollywood-ised". Often people die without knowing what happened. Suddenly your laying there with blood pooling from your arteries and you have no idea what happened. That happens quite a bit in the game. Length The length in this game varies based on your difficulty level and your choices. It can be anywhere from a length six to a length eight. The JJJ Challenge If you either beat this game with the best ending I will send you (via e-mail) a formatted strategy guide of the tower including how to get the best possible score, in the making, secrets of the game, complete walk through, and most importantly G(l)ailes epilogue.
The Tower: Embarking from the Far Land
You will need the password from the end of the first "Tower" to play this game! (The one in invisible text between two brackets on the last page). Don't worry; if you forgot it and can prove you beat the game by having a comment of over 100,000 score, then I will tell you the password. What happened to Glaile post death? Can't give away much because it can ruin the Tower I! This will be the introduction to the land of Serennia. Think about it like the Hobbit to the Lord of The Rings. STORY: 0 - Arrive from Far Land (Everywhere) View http://www.myadventuregame.com/story/All_About_Serennia.aspx for more about the timeline. Special Thanks Sir_Lancegalawain - Excellent support and quest writing madglee - My most trusted advisor (And Goddam can he ever write :D Go mommy Go) Solostrike - Scripting Java - Pics and Some proofreading (on mine because Lance's work is usually without error) October - Some Editing. DarthVader_13 - Testing. Commentors (fans) - Thank so much Authors Note I would have liked to keep Lance as co-author but his life became busy and he could not help me in the end. Thank you for writing the quests you did! You were my number one special thanks.

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Writing Exercises Restart - Week Nine on 11/30/2015 11:31:03 AM
Week 9 Points Updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oFAUo6tAOdf1FUrd3_siPu8Pvv_6-j-4BUwx1VEp3I0/edit#gid=0&vpid=B1 Congratulations to Ogre11 and CastleLover for their excellent showings.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 6:39:22 PM
Are you going to come over and discuss it?
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 6:36:18 PM
How do you know life comes from lifelessness? Observation? Oh wait - that's your intuition, too. But considering I've seen life come from life, any speculation that it could come from elsewhere is silly by comparison. I don't. I'm agnostic and I don't speculate about the origin of life. I leave that to folks like you. And if the Big Bang is somehow now not part and parcel with evolution, why does every jackass espousing macroevolution begin with the Big Bang? Your argument that the big bang and evolution are related hinges on jackasses talking about it? My argument that they aren't is that evolution is only concerned with the way that species evolved... and the big bang is completely irrelevant to that. By the way, I've never said that I know where life comes from other than that it appears to come from other life. Evolutionists get all hung up when you want to know where that first life came from? So do I! So does everyone. Evolutionists (this is a stupid word... it's like saying round-earthers or gravitationers) don't all get all hung up on anything, because they make up the majority of educated people on Earth and so they have very different viewpoints on a lot of things. The theory of evolution does not get hung up on where species originated from. I've spent plenty of time in college in my 39 years, junior. And frankly, most of the professors didn't know squat. So having a piece of paper issued by people already attempting to agree with some aforementioned ludicrous non-science confirmation bias... well, doesn't hold too much weight. How many of those college credits came from courses about evolution? I don't care if you've taken a thousand liberal arts credits, they're not relevant to this discussion.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 6:28:47 PM
You are the only person in this entire thread that has speculated about the origin of life.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 6:24:14 PM
It's funny how you've: A) Said that it's impossible to know where life comes from, and B) Said that life does not come from lifelessness How do you know that it doesn't come from lifelessness? Intuition? Pretty hilarious argument. As for my belief on where life comes from... I don't have one. Unlike you, I'm actually agnostic, and I don't pretend to know anything about where life comes from. Furthermore, I have a degree in Biology and I know quite a lot more than you do about evolution. You don't even understand what the scope of the theory is. Evolution doesn't actually make any claim about the origin of life. Evolution explains how life transitioned from early states to later states, but does not make any claim about the transition from lifelessness to life. You're out of your depth, and it's showing. Stick to castles or make an honest attempt to learn.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 6:20:48 PM
I actually don't think you know what evolution is, to be honest. Evolution doesn't make any argument about where life came from and the origin of life is far outside of the scope of the theory. You're the one who speculated about when life started (immediately after the big bang) and I never have. My argument concerns evolution, not the origin of life.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 5:35:47 PM
The theory of evolution describes how life evolved to become what it is today. It describes a period of time between X and Y, where Y is the present and X is the first life form on Earth. I assumed that you would understand that I was referencing time point X, and not Y, given that you were already aware of the nature of time point Y.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 5:33:20 PM
That's plainly not true and if it were true, then we would know that life has existed or does exist outside of Earth. It isn't true, and consequently, we don't know anything about whether or not life has or does exist outside of Earth.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 4:16:32 PM
He knows. Thanks, James.
Evolution and the big bang on 11/28/2015 3:43:55 PM
Hah! Actually not true either, because a lot happened between the big bang and life on Earth.