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Crimson Soaked

You wake up in a strange room. Your memories are foggy and you feel pain in multiple places. You soon learn that there is more to this than meets the eye, and a new fate awaits you. But will you simply except life locked up or find a way to escape? This game has multiple endings, none of them are defined as good or bad, it is your choice what to call them.

Infected by virus X

This is another zombie-based survival game, but there's a twist. You're the zombie! Live through the eyes of a zombie, and see what they really see. At first you will live as a survivor, the backstory of how you turned will depend on the choices you made in this stage.


Korachia is not abandoned, I will be working on it in the future. But for now, I've decided to take an approach of less choices, but still as much fun.

Korachia) The flight

Korachia, another planet, one you now have to live on.

Earth is gone, and there are few survivors. Many small but powerful ships are leaving the planet behind, off to find a new one and you're in one of them. NASA's last act was creating these ships, but there were not enough to hold everyone. The original plan was to have these ships for sale, with money as payment, but things don't always go to plan. In the end, utter chaos broke out, and people stormed the base...demanding ships for them+their families. An eighth of the entire fleet was filled up with NASA employees, trying desperately to escape the mob. The remainders of the fleet were then for the taking, and people began to run for it, whoever got there first had a chance. People trampled others, left their spouses (for marraiges were not that stable anyways) and tried to save themselves. You had run with luck from your family, you were your parents only child and they loved you deeply, so they decided to stay on earth, and give you a chance. Needless to say you made it, you made a sprint for it unstead of getting distracted by the mob and managed to agiley make for a ship. But what now? You have nothing, your family and friends didn't make it... and very few of the ships managed to make it this far. Many were accidently destroyed by the angry mobs pushing and shoving, others malifunctioned. Yours was one of the lucky ones to make it out of the boundries of the Milky-Way, you and your fellow passengers have been flying for weeks, a planet that is proven to have life on it's own programmed into it's permanent GPS, auto pilot guiding you. But your running low on supplies, fuel, and your going insane. Your nearly there, but can you make it? And if you can, what then? This is the first game in a series. I will add in some system of connection to the first and second games when I'm through with the second of them.

WARNING This game includes mentions of rape, suicide, canabalism, murder, torture, abortion ect.

 However none of these are told in graphic detail (Some gore but not lots). Tell me in the difficulty or maturity level is too high or low, I want to get it right so you can tell if this is a game for you.

Orphan of the Apocalypse

Hello, and welcome to my first story-game! I am a fairly new member, and have decided to make a game. In this game, you are a ten-year-old trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. You pick your gender, at the start of the game and the base set of your character. There are 4 to 6 choices of characters (I haven't really decided yet) that live in different parts of the world. Your choices effect your future, and how your character develops. Very few choices will lead immediately to death, as, what's the fun in that? I may, or may not make it advanced with items in the future, but probably not at first. I'll just have to see how it develops, I hope you enjoy!