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Hello, it's me, another pointless person to confide in. I don't have anything to do with my life, so I am new here.... I want to get writing, read me?


Current Coma Put Life on Hold!
This story is about a young woman who goes into a coma, if you choose wisely, she might wake up! It sure will be a great and tiresome quest, should you choose to read!

No Lover (Short version)
This is a story about a young woman who cannot find love, much less somebody to call lover. True story of modern day. It is as clean and holy minded as I can give you an audience will never see this. I assure you, you might just have nightmares. You don’t have much influence on Jes’ life, as you are an onlooking ghost, or something, not based in her reality, until she loses her mind, (If you chose up to that point.) Jes was always out of her head anyways, she just wanted to talk to you. This has some profane mature words, just so you know. I've been working on this a long time. This is a horrible tale of surprise! I wrote so much you will never read! The horror of when choosemyown story .com loads for way too long!

No, Lover!
This is going to be a cleaned up version of a draft I've been working on, I don't have the heart to delete my entire chapter!

The Necromancer & (Crystilianths - The half-blood Princess)

I don't know what I will write honestly. I am putting all of my time and effort into this so hopefully it ends up being worthwhile! This is still not even close to being finished! I think I need to get more familiar with this website.

Time Travel Telling Adventure
This is about a young woman named Willow, as she shares her time travel experiences with you, choose your own pathway and it will have an impact on her journey.