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Hey! I'm new here! on 9/20/2016 11:24:52 AM

Thank you, i really appreciate the advice. Don't worry. Once the the game is finished, i'll change the disciption. thank you for welcoming me :)


Hey! I'm new here! on 9/18/2016 1:32:25 PM

Thanks lancelot! I'm currently making a escape a catsle game, please check it out when i'm done. Ive done a lot of typing on it, and it honestly hurts my fingers. But i will stick at it! Thank you!

Hey! I'm new here! on 9/18/2016 12:57:55 PM

Thanks! I wish you luck in this community! Have fun!


Hey! I'm new here! on 9/17/2016 2:44:19 PM

i am new here, i would like some help on how to make a good story. Thank you!