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Hello. This little guy is hungry. I'm Mudshadow63, younger brother of Zephyrme2847, leader of the peanut faction, ask me if you want to join. I am very random. as you can see from that little guy over there.                                                                                                                                                                        "I'm Hungwee!"  He wants peanuts.


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Kittens of FAT

One day, your friends dare you to sleep in a haunted house. The thing is, when you wake up, you're not in the haunted house! You're not even in the human world!
You-are-in-a-world-of-KITTENS! Too bad that the kittens share a world with these giant, green, mean, sharp toothed lizards called Beasts.
You must find out how to get back to your human world, stop those lizards, and find out why you turned into a kitten in the first place! Well? Can you do it? You think you can?
Explore Kitten Village, the Mitten Factory, Brian's hardware store, Kitty City, and even the Tower of Beasts! Get a lesson from Noodle at the Archery Arena, kick butt with Inspector Waldo, and shoot lasers with Lena! Go on, play and find all six ways to win! Good luck! Welcome to Kitten World.
This game my brother and I made is so extensive that that there are over 26 items, at least one for each letter of the alphabet! (Yes starting with, Z, Y, X, and Q included.) Collect all six profile stickers and claim yourself as the champion of the Kittens of FAT (It's unlikely you'll ever make it that far :Þ). So the fun doesn't end (until you become champion of FAT)!

The Humbug Game

Those Humbugs have done it this time. They've stolen your precious refrigerator! You MUST get it back!

Very random storygame, may contain traces of peanuts.

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[Point Rewards] Draw My Attention to Something! on 4/8/2014 12:53:00 AM
I can't believe that these to comments are featured... Here's the link to the storygame.'-alive~21
surfs up dude
-- eric on 1/30/2014 10:56:56 PM
Hey there little sunny, i always loved potatoes. John Snow knowS nothing, and #YOLOSWAG420BLAZEIT
-- jgebordiarh on 1/30/2014 10:54:34 PM


How do you delete a Variable? on 4/4/2014 8:50:30 AM

I found it! I was trying to delete the SCORE variable, which cannot be deleted.

The wait server timed out on 3/19/2014 12:07:32 AM

I dunno, but i didn't get my point when I rated the game. There was an error.

Soap preferences on 3/18/2014 11:22:33 PM

What the...

I am New on 3/13/2014 9:45:07 AM

Yeah you get it. Is there peanut butter?

How do you delete a Variable? on 2/18/2014 9:26:08 PM


How do you delete a Variable? on 2/18/2014 9:06:44 PM

Nope. there isn't one. Maybe it has to do with me being the co-author.

How do you delete a Variable? on 2/17/2014 7:42:44 AM

How do you delete variables? I have a variable that I don't need, but there is no delete button?