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Hi! My name is Bean, and you're watching Disney Channel.

I'm pretty much just someone with a really big imagination, I guess.

I like to ramble about stories I come up with, and that's kind of the reason I joined this site. Y'know, make them an actual reality. How I found the site? Well, I ... think someone made some sort of Undertale Quiz, and I was bored at the time, so I took it.

I'm not an expert at any of this though, so you're in for a world of possible suckiness. Or whatever you call it.

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An actual storygame from Bean? Isn't that nice?
This one is simple, I hope. You simply play as a boy deemed with the name Blank and make choices for them in ... some adventure.
Will it grow dark and grim? Happy and lighthearted? You decide, I guess.
... This is just gonna take a while.

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I have a twin sister, an older brother, and an older sister.

My twin is the only one that actually annoys me. We fight often. A bit too much probably.

I have a buddy on this site! on 4/7/2016 10:31:01 AM

Welcome to the club! Welcome to the club! Welcome Squidward welcome Squidward-

I mean, hello and welcome to the community.