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Postie Rips It Up
In this adventure you play Postie, the adventurous postman from Perth who finds himself on a wild adventure.

Unlike in the US, Australian postmen are lazy, and therefore ride around on dirtbikes painted red and stamped with the Australia Post logo. Honda CC-100's, or something.
It's possible to visit every continent in the game, although possibly not in one shot.

It's based on a story my friends and I made up one morning walking to school - a postman zipped past us at large speeds, and we pictured what would happen if he swerved to the left and used the kerb as a ramp. After many wild adventures, and by the time we were passing through the goalposts on the oval, he was in the Andes.

The Run Away
You are Jason Mason, 14-year old resident of Perth, capital of Western Australia. Determined to make a name for yourself, you decide to run away early one Saturday morning and head off into the world.
This is my first game.

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re:New Game Idea on 5/12/2004 9:13:31 AM
Good idea, go through with it. I'd play it.

Freebooter's first game on 6/12/2003 9:27:47 AM
Just finished my first game, The Run Away in the Everything Else section. Try it out.

re:New Game:A day in another dimension on 6/12/2003 3:58:38 AM
You need to add some links for the dying pages. It's a dead end.