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Your reading this! 

Now I'm officially an idiot, that's out of the way. 

Shall we continue...

I'm TheHiddenSmile or I am nothing. I do not use my name on anything I write because I believe it can change the way the reader thinks about your work. As if I let your mind take control of the story you can think of me as whoever you want. I can be an idiot, a weirdo, a normal person, a decent writer, a newbie (as I am), anything really. I can even be an alien if you want!

I'm a crazy fandom girl who always has her nose in a book. I love every kind of book that I can get, though I believe someday I will be a critic of some sort because I give lots of opinions and criticism. I am always honest and am a very antisocial person. I write a lot and hope to become an author or poet someday.

but hey you know a chapter of my life story and I hope you become a part of it. As anyone who reads my work, criticizes it, likes it, hates it, or even looks at it is a part of my life story. Thank you for adding a chapter.



Can Anybody Escape?

You will play as a young man who currently lives as a royal guard. You are trusted with many duties. But you have a little secret you are actually a pirate trying to steal the Crown Jewels. You can choose which kind of pirate you'll be. You can be ruthless, you can be cunning, you can be a risk taker, and you can be brave. There are many different endings, but very few survive. Are you pirate enough to make it out alive with the treasure?

Come play and see if you can make it through the many different endings and see if you can survive.


I apologize for any grammatical errors or mistake of any sort.

Divergent Fan-Fic: Not Dead

(Spoiler alert! If you haven't read allegiant, I would not suggest reading yet)

I do not own anything about the divergent series at all so all credit goes to Veronica Roth!!!

What if Tris wasn't dead? What if she was still alive somewhere? I guarantee you Four's day of mourning is about to changehis life forever...