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Hi. I like to write. :)


A Tale of Farms and Fairs

Yay! Your life is about to get a whole lot more difficult yet rewarding when you're finally allowed to buy some farm animals!

In the end, there are eighteen different named animals you can choose (thirty-six if you count all of the individual chickens with names). Altogether, there are two hundred and forty-four pages, and three hundred and sixty-eight links. There are... 15,817 words. There is one fatal choice you can make... but it's funny(ish). I understand that this story is a little cheesy, but please bear with it...

In total there are twenty different epilogues. The chickens give you the shortest gameplay, followed by the pigs. The goats have the longest story, and the Boer goat has two different epilogues, the only animal to have two. I can't emphasize enough how I would like people to comment. I would really like feedback on how it is. Thank you! Enjoy!

Funnel cake P.S. This is funnel cake. It is good. People who played it will understand.

I also fixed the epilogue of Hugo the pig. Thank you TypewriterCat for pointing that out.

An Actually Finished Pokemon Fanfiction

I've found no Pokemon fanfiction that's finished, so here it is. I mean, it WILL be finished.