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Raymond The Tomato Overlord

It was fine. At least, I thought it was.
I mean, if you think being 'fine' means being thrown into a book you happen to open at a library, and that library happens to so be in somebody's basement. That you also happen to be stuck in because you hid in there to stop yourself from dying. I was curious. Okay? Its not my fault I got lured into somebody's house.
Okay, i admit it... I snuck INTO the house. It's something you wouldn't know about though. Even if you are curious, I'm not telling. At least, not yet.


Hello! Just a reminder that this is my first story game, I hope its decent in your eyes! This took some time. This was made by my original fanfiction/Novel I had made for some doods in my class. It turned into a joke, then a book!

Just a fair warning, because I cant write 'Friendship With [Name]'

You'll only see 'Raymond' Ill refer to this once you play the story.