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Hello! I'm new. I have one story in progress (a fanfiction about the Trojan Wars), but it looks like it's going to take a lot more research than I expected so I don't know when I'm going to finish it.

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New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 9/21/2017 5:02:55 PM

Let's say PG-13 :) So violence is ok, but explicit scenes would be too mature

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 9/20/2017 11:35:26 PM

Hey guys, just a reminder that the Fairy Tales challenge ends in 10 days.

If you've already written any fairy tale or child-friendly fantasy stories, it would make me super happy if you could move them over!

2017, year of watery doom on 9/10/2017 9:31:15 PM

Lol just saw this:

Don't shoot the hurricane, people!

2017, year of watery doom on 9/9/2017 4:15:52 PM

Haha yeah we're really pretty well protected from natural disasters, aren't we? No tornados, no hurricanes, no sea-level rising, no west coast earthquakes, no forests to catch fire ... Well, sometimes we get four seasons in a day, but we're pretty ok

Are you on the US side or the Canadian side?

2017, year of watery doom on 9/9/2017 12:13:40 PM

O.o Two more hurricanes right after Harvey! I hope people in Florida make it out ok.

I feel really lucky to be living near the great lakes. No fire no floods...

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 8/23/2017 10:58:54 AM

I've made a new category on starcatcher called The Sundry Shelf for knickknacks that aren't the typical CYOA stories. There's a subcategory for non-branching stories, so short story collections can go there

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 8/19/2017 12:18:54 AM

Oh hmm... I think for the purpose of the challenge it should be CYOA stories only. I'll see about making a separate section/category for posting stories that are not CYOA though, if there's interest

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 8/19/2017 12:10:01 AM

Yup, I was considering separating fairy tales and fantasy too... I've edited the challenge so that all stories in the "fairy tale" category or the "Fantasy -- children-friendly" category would qualify.

I wasn't sure how to categorize fantasy so I just left it general. I was thinking we could add more subcategories as we go.

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 8/18/2017 11:54:04 PM

Haha I read that too. I believe in a different story the evil stepsisters got shoved into barrels full of spikes and then were allowed to roll down the hill and into the river to drown ... Can't remember the name though

New CYOA site - Starcatcher.org on 8/18/2017 11:50:50 PM

Yup, but it's still something that's meant to be read to a kid. (Although idk why anybody would want to read their children a story about rape... O.o) So while traditional fairy tales would show some dark elements, it would still be described in a way that a kid would understand. It would not feature, for example, details on the king's promiscuous thoughts as he lusts after Sleeping beauty, or the mental torment of the wife as she begins a slow downward spiral to her doom. That's what I meant by kid-friendly.

So I guess... fantasy stories that focus on the quest/adventure and do not feature overt exploration of sexuality, psychological disorders, torture, & other darker elements would qualify as fairy tales? (i.e. a story can state that a king had children with an unconscious princess, but it wouldn't demand that the reader consider the implications)