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Hello, you definitely probably don't know me.

I am just testing out my writing skills, if they even exist which I am confident in.

I think I discovered stumbled on this site by accident while searching for something fun to read and I never regretted it! I love have a passion for reading and this place is a gem, mostly definitely.

I am working on my contribution to the site and I hope it will not be a complete smelly piece of dung for which you will/ a disappointment.

You can message me for any reason at any time and I will do my best to answer you unless I don't like you.

Other than all that I appreciate all the time which you used up on reading my twisted and oddly satisfying worlds. Please continue.

Oh, have I mentioned that I like humor? (It's the best medicine)


A Planet of Interest

This is my first game here and I hope I can leave a good impression on my abilities and add something to the site worth reading.

I have been writing this while I had spare time during my spare time, by which I mean rarely and I kind of jump on and off while I have ideas. I have had multiple ideas before this but this is the one I have decided to take to fruition. I hope I don't disappoint you.


A colony has not sent any reports and has not responded to any communication. Nothing like this has happened to the United Stars Federation since it started its Human Expansion Project from Earth. Therefore the Federation assigned it's investigatory powers to the situation at hand.

You have been assigned to this investigation, having not had anything like this happen before you are prepared to find out what happened, and you soon found yourself having all your tools and mental prowess ready to attack this task at hand, with, of course, the help of the most annoying type of person in the universe, a researcher.

Only what you expect is not what comes up to bite you.


I definitely want to improve my writing and be able to craft stories flawlessly so I will highly appreciate positive feedback.