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Darker: A delve into the underworld

The year is 2037 and Planet Earth is NOT a fun place. Humanity is having a huge overpopulation crisis, and the economy is slowly tumbling downward. Most people struggle to find basic jobs, and almost everything is extremely overpriced. The government has spent lots of money on projects to help control the population, all of them inhumane and underground.
You are part of a task force tasked with ending these inhumane projects with any means necessary. A little evil to stop a little more evil, so to speak.


This storygame is pretty hardcore and pretty realistic. This game will put you in different tactical situations that will test your tactical awareness and strategy. This game revolves a lot on tactical and realistic gunplay. It will definitely help if you have some basic gun knowledge before playing this game. There are lots of weapons in this game and I will name them in detail for example: "SA80 A2 assault rifle" etc. (Playing this can also teach you some handy dandy gun knowledge.) 

And, unlike most variants of entertainment that has firearms in it, you are not Rambo or some super soldier. (I mean you're trained well) You're just some dude. You can't take 10 bullets to the chest and live. 1 to 2 well-placed shots will take you out. (Terms and condition apply)

Please refrain from using the go back button, it really takes away from the experience.

Happy Killing! :3

Enter, Contact, CLEAR!

The year is 2025. Global terrorism is at an all time high. Chaos fills the streets in some areas, and in the more civilized, even more organized death. Many CTU's have banded together for a combined fight against this threat. This organization is known at the E.C.C (Enter, Contact, Clear.)

You are an operator in this origination. You will be faced with many tactical challenges, and help bring order to chaos.

This story game does not really focus on the story too much, and more so the game.


(I honestly just wanted to see how a tactical shooter would turn out in text based form XD) 

Hero, Villain, and The Bystander

Your name is Blake Bolts. You live in New York like you have been for your whole life. You work in a small office with a decent pay, you don't have many friends, and you live alone... Kinda. 

You have 3 different personalities, and all of them don't know each other. One of them is you. The other has powers you never knew you had. The last one is a psycho murderer that enjoys killing people. Like I said earlier, they don't know about each other. Until now...


You're tasked with scavenging for your group. 

Meltdown: The Road

For thousands of years, large groups of people fought each other for pointless reasons. Cavemen fought for women, Rome fought for land...

And now pointless fighting like that has led to the end.

Technology was improving constantly. So did weapons. So government superpowers thought it was a nice idea to have these giant bombs with a shit-ton of radiation in them.

Now, by 2025, pretty much every country on the 'fuckin planet owned a few of these things. The ones who didn't got destroyed by the ones who did.

So by 2034, the world was running out a lot of resources. The only countries that were left were the ones with the most power, and most importantly people.

Which was two of them. Russia and The United States

Bigger countries were bigger mouths to feed. So what did the stupid human race do? They started killing each other for more supplies. And worst of all, with those things, called nukes I mentioned earlier.

The USA launched their own nukes first, right towards Russia. They launched there own at the United States. They both landed at the same time, destroying practically the only two remaining countries at the same time.

Your grandfather's generation lost everything in those final hours.

Now here we are, 2076. There is still some radiation on the surface, but most of it is gone. The air isn't toxic and drinking the water and eating vegetation now only has a 28% chance of killing you now. Hey, better than 100%

Humanity has established some civilizations after some time, and things are pretty decent in them. They even have laws and are pretty safe.

But outside of them is total Anarchy. Total chaos.

You wish to find your way to one of them someday...

If you could not tell by the description already that this is a survival RPG set in a nuclear wasteland. This game has some different elements to it. And I tried to make it somewhat open world in some parts. By the way, this game is in an alternate universe and there is a lot of somewhat different events in history. Also, this game takes place on a supercontinent. (Like Pangea)


(This is my first entry be nice pls :3)


Metal Rain

The year is 2028.

A war between England, The United States, France, Ukraine, and Russia and China has been raging for 4 years.

Russia has launched a full-on invasion on New York, Florida, and California.

The USA is begging her allies for assistance. Great Britan and France are struggling to gather as many troops as possible to assist them.

In this story game, you will play as many characters.
And it is most likely that most of them probably won't survive.

You can select which side you would like to play as.
And where you would like to play as well.

There are many roles you can choose from. Every operation you go on will have an effect on the war.

Good luck...


The Rift... The realm in the middle of all realms...

Everything, anything exists here.

Here, Imagination is reality...

You heard stories as a child of this place.

But you never imagined ever being there...

Contents: A main storyline that could take a little while to complete. It contains bossfights, puzzles, and dungeons. (Like every good RPG.) You are going to have to travel to different areas across the entire map going to different cities. There are also going to be side quests you can complete to help you beat the main storyline. (By giving you items when you beat them.) You are not required to do side missions, they just give you items that HELP a little 

(Sorry for typing so much, I have no idea what to write.)


(I could not exactly put a Category on this storygame... But the real world is modern so I set it as that.)

P.S: There are few instances of gore, but if you're sensitive to that kinda thing be careful :) 

P.S.S: At the beginning, there are not that many choices, sorry about that. 





The year is 2055, E-Sports has seen such widespread popularity it's almost everywhere. Large tournaments with just as large prize pools lie for the most skilled players. 

The most popular E-Sport currently is a game called "Metal Rain" It is a tactical first person shooter. There is the defending team tasked with protecting two Bombs, and an attacking team tasked with killing all of the defenders, or defusing one of the bombs. Each player can select a hero with different weapons an abilities to help contribute to the team.

You're a 16 year old kid, you've been playing Metal Rain for about 8 years now. You're pretty good, but never thought about joining your schools team. Until now. There is multiple endings, and (somewhat) of a game aspect involved. This is my first storygame so go easy on me :P


Enjoy! :D 


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