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I don't really have much to tell, other than that the only personality trait I have is that I'm edgy

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What do I need to know? on 7/13/2018 2:32:08 AM

Hey welcome to the site, i'm somewhat new here myself but I think I can help. I would recommend looking in the help and info page, near the bottom there should be a link that says "CYS Website Guidelines". If you click that it will tell you everything you can and can't write. The big thing I would say is don't write an entire story filled with long in detail sex scenes. You can have sex in your story just don't get carried away with it, the guidelines will explain more on that. Hope that helped but if it didn't wait a couple hours and hopefully by then one of the more experienced members like mizal or ogre can help you out, they've replied to almost every newbie forum post i've seen so i'm sure they'll reply to yours soon and give you better advice.

Just Joined on 7/6/2018 5:40:05 AM

Thanks for the tip, my first draft for the story had so many different paths in the beginning I was overwhelmed within an hour of wrriting it, i've restarted and im going to try and do something smaller. Appreciate the advice!

Just Joined on 7/6/2018 2:59:39 AM

Hey so yeah I just joined a couple days ago, although I've been reading many of the stories on here for about a year or so if I had to guess. I decided to join because I wanted to try and write my own storygames. I just started my first story, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!