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Im a bastard

And my name is Garforj

Im friends with the twat named Llewxam, the asshole KhunAgueroAgnes, the weirdo MinecraftSteve and a few other people, mainly cus I dragged them to this site with a gun to their head.

Had a couple of accounts floating around in this neck of cyberspace, forgot the passwords so I made this one.

My goal is to make an open world story game.

Nuff’ Said.






P.S. Admins Ik it’s sus that a lot of accounts are created out of the same IP but it’s a school ip. We’re all bored middle schoolers, and no not like the kind that come over and make stories cus there teacher told them to *shudder* , but the kind that attempts(key word attempt) to learn and get better at writing. It’s not like these accounts are made by a 30 year old man named Chuck who lives in his parents basement.

Thank god my school is to dumb to ban the wonderful site, now I can waste away avoiding doing any actual work and instead read storygames.


This was made for my Mom, no I’m not gonna publish it

The Wild West
Welcome to the Wild West. You’re here to get rich or die trying, good luck!

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CYS History on 3/19/2019 5:12:50 PM
I’m kinda new to this site and I was surfing around old forum posts and I found some shit about a dude name Kiel. I understand that he was a pedophile but I was just wondering what other major events have happened for CYS that I missed.

Eternal Fan Club on 3/18/2019 11:17:29 AM
Ok thanks for the advice, also which guy started the furry dating sim thread?

The Dark Room on 3/15/2019 12:11:51 PM
*controller throwing intensifies*

Eternal Fan Club on 3/15/2019 12:10:57 PM
Lol thx

The Dark Room on 3/14/2019 1:39:36 PM

Eternal Fan Club on 3/14/2019 1:37:20 PM
Let’s just say I’m old enough to be getting taller and having a deeper voice and pretending like I’m tough, but really I’m that same squeaky kid in the Call of Duty lobby screaming about 360 no scopes and shit.

Eternal Fan Club on 3/14/2019 1:31:12 PM
Warm tho

Eternal Fan Club on 3/14/2019 1:29:02 PM

Eternal Fan Club on 3/14/2019 1:23:44 PM
My point exactly

Eternal Fan Club on 3/14/2019 12:59:30 PM
That’s excactly what he means.