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Hi-lo!!!! on 7/24/2019 8:37:43 AM

Hmmm...thanks for telling me. I think I better uncheck it, at least before I feel confident enough in my writing. 

Ground Zero...sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation! 

Hi-lo!!!! on 7/23/2019 2:10:52 PM

Most definitely... devil 

Time to check that IP address....

I'm actually not a stalker and never intend to be. smiley

Hi-lo!!!! on 7/23/2019 2:00:41 PM

Thanks! I didn't know that site users could see stories that aren't published...but I'll be sure to stick with it! 

I used to know a lot of HTML, but some sites use BBC code as well, and I wasn't sure. I was imagining a sort of box...I'm sure I'll figure it out!

Hi-lo!!!! on 7/23/2019 1:40:47 PM

So, as you can probably tell, I'm a newbie. Just joined today, and already have three storygames in the making. The weird thing is, when I was a kid, I absolutely HATED books where you "pick your own path" or something like that. I don't really know why my opinion of storygames changed, but I'm actually really glad it did and that I discovered this website. 

I mean, you get to write a GAME with items and any type of plot obstacle you want! (But of course, if you're a member of this site, you already know that! I'm just uber excited!!). 

I guess this is sort of an introduction to this site on my part. 

Hello! I am Gubblegum! Anyone want to be friends? 

Or does anybody know the answer to a question I've been wondering... is it possible to make a box around the items you add to a story? I think I saw it in somebody's storygame and have been wondering how it's done so I can incorporate it into some of mine!! 

So far I think it's just coding...but I'll be right here if anybody knows the answer!!

stuff about Quatrains on 7/23/2019 1:12:47 PM

Heh. Unfortunately, I click first and read warnings later. Should really get rid of that habit. 

How would you eliminate an individual in a school? on 7/23/2019 12:21:57 PM

Ahem. Picture this. 

Forcing the student body to try the Tide-Pod Challenge. 

Drowning someone in a toilet bowl. 

Or simply feeding them excess amounts of the gross cafeteria food. :D