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Im friends with Ghoster and UmbreonMcDandy, and we are working on a story together known as 3023. Its a Post apocalyptic story with some humor in it, so check it out. I may make some of my own side stories apart of our main project. It is currently a work in progress but we're expecting to make it into a large adventure.

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3023 part 1
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This story is just a fun little story me and my friends wanted to make for fun, so this is kinda dedicated to them, but you can play it if you want to, im not gonna promise its gonna be off the charts AMAZING, but go ahead.

Hunter Alexander, one of the survivors of the world nuclear disaster must venture off into the vast dead-lands of the United States. Meet special people along the way like General Chow, one of the last Asian Generals of the old world, and cat? Join Hunter on his epic adventure! (-_-)

Info: This story is still a work in progress, I will continue to work on it until it is finished, so far, as I know, it will be a while, but be patient, it will be playable. Disclaimer: I do not intend or mean to harm anyones feelings in the making of this game this is for pure entertainment, if you are easily offended, I apologize in advance.