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As a Customer Service rep for the highly secretive Traveler's System, you're given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test their newest VR. The Traveler's Glicia will plunge you headfirst into a unique fantasy world, where you'll play as one of five distinct classes. Level up, gain skills, and travel through a world rife with political strife, civil unrest, unstable magics, fantastic creatures, and fascinating people. Survive long enough, and you just might find that the Traveler's System is not what it seems.

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Trying to use multiple variables with $PAGETEXT on 11/7/2017 10:47:48 PM

Yes! Thank you so much! That's exactly what I was looking for!

Trying to use multiple variables with $PAGETEXT on 11/7/2017 9:44:37 PM

So, the way around that is to have a single variable that tracks the round (%BATTLETRAC), whether the player hits (%PLAYERRTH >= %ENEMYAC), and whether the enemy hits (%ENEMYRTH >= %PLAYERAC)? And then script for each of those? Ie: 

IF %NEWVAR = 112 
THEN $PAGETEXT := "round one, hit for player, miss for enemy." 
IF %NEWVAR = 121 
THEN $PAGETEXT := "round one, miss for player, hit for enemy" 

Etc etc..

I'm not entirely sure how to script %NEWVAR into the link script, but maybe I can fiddle with that. 

Alternatively, are AND statements a thing? 

THEN $PAGETEXT := "round one, hit for player, hit for enemy." 
THEN $PAGETEXT := "round one, miss for player, hit for enemy." 

Etc etc 

Which also seems complicated but probably easier than trying to figure out how to script for a new variable to track three other variables in the link script.

I feel like I'm making this hopelessly more complicated than I need to.

Trying to use multiple variables with $PAGETEXT on 11/7/2017 1:48:01 PM

Just when I think I'm getting the hang of scripting... I've got the player entering into a battle scenario, with the option to use one of two weapons. Each of the links is set up with scripting which determines if they hit the enemy, how much damage they do, if the enemy hits them, and how much damage the enemy does. The links just circle around to themselves until either the enemy is dead, or until the player is dead, or until the player chooses to retreat.

So, the problem I'm running into is this: I have a variable called %BATTLETRAC which keeps track of how many rounds of combat have passed. Each time the player clicks on a link, this variable increases by one. So, when I made the script for the page, this is what I did:

THEN $PAGETEXT := "%%PLAYERRTH%<%12%You swing at the crocodile but your staff harmlessly bounces off its skull.%%%%PLAYERRTH%>=%12%Your staff connects, banging against the crocodile's skull with a satisfying thud. You've done some damage.%%" + "
" + "%%ENEMYRTH%<%ACHUNTER%The croc swings its mighty jaws toward you, but you're able to dodge out of the way.%%%%ENEMYRTH%>=%ACHUNTER%The croc's strong jaws close down on you! Ouch!%%" + "
" + "Your Health: %%PLAYERHP%%/%%HPHUNTER%%" + "
" + "Enemy Health: %%ENEMYHP%%/%%ENEMYMAXHP%%"
THEN $PAGETEXT := "%%PLAYERRTH%<%12%Your quarterstaff harmlessly bounces off the croc's thick scales.%%%%PLAYERRTH%>=%12%You swing your quarterstaff directly into the crocodile's eyes! It blinks violently.%%" + "
" + "%%ENEMYRTH%<%ACHUNTER%The croc's jaws open and slam shut, but you manage to avoid being biten. This time.%%%%ENEMYRTH%>=%ACHUNTER%Your leg is caught in the croc's jaws! It shakes its head back and forth violently.%%" + "
" + "Your Health: %%PLAYERHP%%/%%HPHUNTER%%" + "
" + "Enemy Health: %%ENEMYHP%%/%%ENEMYMAXHP%%"
THEN $PAGETEXT := "%%PLAYERRTH%<%12%You swing your staff down mightily toward the croc, but unfortunately your blow lands to the side of the croc's body.%%%%PLAYERRTH%>=%12%The staff lands directly on top of the croc's scaly head, seeming to stun it some!%%" + "
" + "%%ENEMYRTH%<%ACHUNTER%The crocodile thrashes back and forth, but you leap out of the way of its attack.%%%%ENEMYRTH%>=%ACHUNTER%The croc closes its jaws with a mighty bite directly onto your leg!%%" + "
" + "Your Health: %%PLAYERHP%%/%%HPHUNTER%%" + "
" + "Enemy Health: %%ENEMYHP%%/%%ENEMYMAXHP%%"

I was mostly trying to do this so there was some flavor and difference between each of the rounds. The %BATTLETRAC variable is working, but the variables for whether the player/enemy hits are displaying as typed, not as I intended for them to be scripted. Where have I gone wrong?

Have I made my first chapter too difficult? on 3/30/2017 2:43:10 PM

Without giving away too much detail...

The first three choices offered to the reader each have six options, which the reader can choose two of before being pushed farther into the story. Each option follows a linear path, but increases a variable. The minimum value for each of these six variables is 8 and the maximum variable value (at this point) is 11.

Before the second chapter, the reader is presented with a challenge. To pass this challenge, they must choose an action that correlates with a variable. If that variable doesn't equal 11, it's a fail and the story ends. There's a choice that correlates with each variable, but is it unrealistic for me to think the reader would choose the same variable in each of the three questions?

Is this too high a bar to set at the beginning? The variables relate to the choices but its not as if its obvious which choice increases which variable, or even obvious that the variables are being measured. Should I make a note to the reader to let them know that one variable or another is increasing as they make their beginning choices? Or leave it as is? Lower the bar?

Chaos Contest on 3/23/2017 3:23:05 PM

I'll join this contest for 25 points.