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Newb here, I saw someone play a game off this site and boom I'm here. Then I saw that I can create my own, and you bet your fine booty that I'm all over that, too. Look forward to it and ah... I'll work on it asap.

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Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 8:02:48 PM

I've read it, thank you. I know I should keep it short and sweet, but I'm not as motivated for that...

Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 8:02:01 PM

I've tried reading some of the scripting guides, as well as other help guides, but it still doesn't make sense. I don't really learn by reading, so I just have no idea how I'm supposed to do it. And it's a bit of both, some of the plot will be the same, and some of the plot will be very different. It's going to take me a long time to even come close to finishing it, and I recognize that, but since it's going to be half of the same plot I figured I'd just lump it all together as one story.

Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 7:40:17 PM

I have no idea how scripting works, I'm a totally tech illiterate... and I was planning at the beginning its mainly the same but after the character is established its all going to be pretty different. And man am I biting off more than I can chew but it's going to be a hell of a ride

Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 7:33:57 PM

Aye aye, Captain.... Yeah it'll probably be on the long side here, but I don't want to be working on it all year, school and work and stuff keep me busy already and I know if I try to make it super long I'll totally lose all my steam.

Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 7:28:53 PM

Okay thank you! And I don't plan on it being too long, it'll just be a lot of work on my part trying to keep it all organized... laugh

Um.... idk on 2/19/2019 7:14:34 PM

Okay so hi, new here as of like four-ish days ago... writing a story because I love writing and these games always intrigued me. Anywho, I have think 49 chapters because each choice will lead down a different path, man what have I gotten myself into, anyway im dedicated and is there anyway to hide chapters? There's just so many and I don't like seeing all of them because ew... lmk thank you!!!