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Hello! I'm Piscares :)

I love coffee, modern architecture, technology, and all things writing. I am currently in school to get my J.D. and become a corporate lawyer, so I am usually busy. But, if you need to message me about the works I have available for sneak peeks, I will get back to you ASAP. With that being said;


Current Project(s)

I am currently working on Old Gods, Summoned, the first book in a series that I will be posting. The novel, in its entirety, will be extremely long. Although, your story can end in as little as 3 pages! 

What is Old Gods, Summoned?

A choose-your-own adventure novel where your actions will determine the fate of a Japanese town. Think of it as a horror story where your actions will decide everything from your relationship with your grandmother to the summoning of eldritch gods. There are many endings, many different people to meet, and many, many ways for you and everyone you love to die. Replayability is a big thing in this story.

What was your inspiration?

World of Horror, an amazing indie game. I highly encourage you check it out.





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Old Gods, Summoned


"Old Gods, Summoned" is a (possibly) long choose-your-own-adventure novel that details the nightmarish quests 18-year-old Kanai Yoshinaka experiences as he attempts to solve Kumisu, Japan's serious cultist problem.

Kumisu is a rather quaint town located in the Kii Peninsula of Japan, North of Kushimoto and East of Tanabe. Even despite being in the rainiest area of Japan, Kumisu experiences unusually high rainfall. Flooding occurs often and heavily, and the highly spiritual native population believes they are cursed. In the southernmost areas of Kumisu is the new, large city that encompasses most of the businessmen, investors, and rich fat-cats attempting to exploit the plant genetic resources in the nearby forests. Skyscrapers, apartments, and busy intersections are common. To the north, the ancient, secluded farms and small tribal villages that make up "Old Kumisu." A majority of the people here are farmers or craftsmen. Surrounding Kumisu are dense, humid forests (except for the main road which leads to Tanabe).


Kanai Yoshinaka, an 18-year-old boy who just graduated Kumisu High School and has plans to attend The University of Tokyo. Yoshinaka is of a medium-build, pale-skinned, jet black hair paired with fudge-colored eyes, and of a medium height. An "average Joe" who has no idea just how important he is to his hometown.

Of course, how Kanai Yoshinaka acts and expresses himself is entirely up to you. You can make him cautious and untrusting or headstrong and courageous.

Yoshinaka, having been accepted into the University of Tokyo, has begun working at his mom's bakery in the outskirts of Kumisu City. Business is slow and the hours are short, so Kanai has a lot of time on his hands. However, what little business the bakery does get usually leads to some pretty interesting gossip among the customers. Rumors would have it that dark cultists are inhabiting the nearby forests and practicing evil rituals to awaken otherworldly demons and spirits.Whispers of old gods and eldritch being are nothing short of extremely common.


DISCLAIMER: I wish I could give this a maturity rating of 8/8, meaning that it may not be comfortable even for many that are 18+. This story can get DEEPLY disturbing. Not only is there your average s*x, substance abuse, and swearing, but there is also grotesque erotica, human trafficking, disturbing sacrificial rituals, and more things I won't mention here. If you are not equipped to handle  scenes of extreme violence and disturbingly detailed scenes, DO NOT PLAY. This is for REAL MEN AND WOMEN >:). Play at YOUR OWN RISK. You have been warned.


This is a fictionalized town in Japan. No references to actual religions or cults are made.


Extra Information:

Endings: TBA (Currently: 1)

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