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Hello, My name is Prominent Penguin.

I'm your average 19 year old college student,

who actually kinda blows at the writing aspect.

So in desperation, I'm hoping that I can somehow

compensate by searching the forums....


Todo List (in order of relative difficulty):

-Get shit-talked by Steve

-Get shit-talked by Mizal

-Get shit-talked by Endmaster

-Get better at shit-talking

-Submit a story that sucks

-Learn the advanced editor

-Submit a story that is actually half-decent

-Finish my actual college paper thats due at the end of this semester

-Find someone else with a love of comic sans




Recent Posts

Pick a Mythical Creature on 4/11/2018 1:32:17 AM

Cinnamologus, I'm a big fan of baking cinnamon sweets (Mostly because those are the only things I know how to bake and taste good). Cinnamon Pretzels and Cinnamon Knots are my goto whenever someone wants me to bring food to an event.

So the bird should be able to help a bit by simply supplying me with cinnamon. Hell, the only thing "magical" about it is that the cinnamon tastes pretty good. Its a little mundane but fuck it, atleast I KNOW this mythological creature isn't going to murder me or screw me over in someway.

Favorite Stories (and nice offline reads) on 4/10/2018 6:46:25 PM

Thanks I was looking for some hidden gems when it came to stories! You know what Steve? I'm starting to think your not half as bad as people make you out to be.

Favorite Stories (and nice offline reads) on 4/10/2018 5:28:38 PM

Nice, I have never heard of these honestly. But this is pretty much the type of thing I was looking for when I was wondering for something to read on a plane ride. Judging sorely on the introductive paragraph, it seems like the type of thing I'd also enjoy! Is there anything I should know going in or is it better if I just go in knowing nothing?

Favorite Stories (and nice offline reads) on 4/10/2018 10:55:32 AM

lol, Well since your here you may as well share, what reads might entice the all-powerful discord owner?

Edit: Maybe change my name from "PinkPenis"?

PostEdit: Well, don't really know what I expected. Had a feeling that wouldn't work.

Favorite Stories (and nice offline reads) on 4/10/2018 10:16:40 AM

After scowering around the site like some disowned puppy, I was wondering what stories some of the members (Edit: Autists) of the community thought were rather interesting. It doesn't have to be a favorite at all (despite what the title of this subject says), it could simply be just a story that you thought was interesting or had a nice premise.

Along with that, I am going on a long trip that involves the lack of wifi, so I was also wondering what book reads you think are nice as well. ^_^

Readers Wanted on 4/4/2018 11:45:21 PM

Damn. If I knew the same author of the Jesse James story, made another story, I would've been on that shit so hard I would've died from dysentery by now! Thanks for getting the word out!

I’m new and I don’t have email... is that ok? (: on 4/3/2018 3:31:13 AM

(Hmm, well there's gonna be a lot of swearing on these forums regardless, hell one of the big reasons I'm here is to learn how to be more literate in my insults in addition to my stories)

In regards to your age, eh my bad xD

But my point still stands and you seem like a nice person. So I genuinely hope you become a better person throughout your fun here, regardless of age or skill :D

I’m new and I don’t have email... is that ok? (: on 4/3/2018 2:18:47 AM

God, your so innocent xD thanks for the compliments, but I do feel your admiration should go to the more reputable members of this site (there are some people more "well-versed," in wordplay then I am; watching the humorous but constant bitching between Mizal and Steve has definitely proved that).

In response to what Mayana suggested, you shouldn't be too self conscious about it (most of the time you'll definitely anger someone anyway) but you should still listen to her.

As you read around the threads, you'll find out who you can piss off without too many repercussions and who will be able to shame you until you start to take gratification in pain (Though, honestly that's a given in any online forum).

Honestly, just take me with only a grain of salt, I'm also relatively new technically speaking. Overall, just enjoy yourself and don't piss off too many of the wrong people. Perhaps one day you will grow up to be a fine writer and a good trash talker :)

I don’t have your email... is that ok? on 4/3/2018 12:57:21 AM

Don't worry as long as you aren't replying like a couple months later and revive a dead thread, your fine :P

(unless your talking with one of the few members that rely upon a instant salty reaction to fuel their lifespan, you dont have to apologize for being a day late)

Tolstojewskin on 4/3/2018 12:55:13 AM

Welcome to the site, Hope you have fun. If not, you can always challenge me to a "who can scrap a story idea the fastest" contest!