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Hey there, I'm Sassoon and welcome to my profile.

So first of all; I'm just a random b!tch and you probably won't see too much of me. I'm currently creating my own story game based off of one of my stories I wrote a while back. I'm from the Netherlands so my first language isn't English, wish it was though? Probably better in English than Dutch after all... I'm also a small child, not really though. I'm small yes, my height is 157cm and yes I'm done with the growing stuff, the doctors said so!! I tend to act like a small child, but only  sometimes, not the annoying kind but the kind where their world just suddenly opens up and they'd be like "Wow! I've never seen anything like that! what is this kind of magic?" Speaking of magic, I like magic. I also like Greek mythology. 


Things I like: games (I'm a huge Halo fan), reading (I may have a slight addiction to books?), writing, listening to music but also creating it, space, teddybears and food! But there's much more...

What band I currently listen to: Starsick System. It's a pretty cool band but you'd have to like that sort of music.

Current book I'm reading: something about greek mythology :')

Random quote: "Negative, Infinity. I don't like it." -Master Chief (from the game Halo)

Favourite colour and number: My favourite colours are blue, purple and the shade black. my favourite number is 7, it's just a cool number and you can't do anything with it. 


Welp, this was just a little bit of me I guess? I'll add more to my account over the time I'm on here. Have a great day peeps!


A colorless world

//WARNING\\: This is my first story game so please give me tips? There will be mentions of LGBT in this and some things that may be a bit too 'graphic' for some people. I will put up a warning before such happens, this does not mean that there will be any 'sex scenes' or anything, not at all.

 Your name is Jonathan Thomson and you are 21 years old. Your world is grey and the thing that happened 5 years ago completely changed your life and you can't seem to forget it. Ever. Or maybe...?

I'll just get a title later

I'm trying something new :'D


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heya! on 7/26/2017 11:01:21 AM

That's pretty darn cool...

Hey on 7/26/2017 7:43:56 AM

I don't really watch anime anymore but I liked the first season of AOT, No. 6, Naruto, first 60 eps of Fairy Tail (I stopped watching), Tokyo Ghoul first 10 eps. OHSHC of course and a lot more. I have to say that everything from Studio Ghibli is awesome, especially Howl's Movig Castle. Next to that all I read mangas; Bloody Mary, Karneval, Death note, Servamp and Devil's line. (I have all the volumes from Naruto and 7 + 2 extra from AOT.) though as I said I'm not really into that stuff anymore...

heya! on 7/25/2017 5:06:27 PM

Thank you very much, I appreciate you approving of it. Took some time but now we're here. Hello by the way. 

heya! on 7/25/2017 5:02:15 PM

Seeing your picture... I'll surely pass, don't know about you Ogre.

heya! on 7/25/2017 3:42:27 PM

B-but that would be copying great Mizal, that wouldn't be fair... 

heya! on 7/25/2017 3:41:47 PM

Heheh, thank you! And NO. The teddybears are not sexual, please lord up above no. And bummer you can't see it but oh well, I'm searching for a better one anyway 

heya! on 7/25/2017 3:27:55 PM


heya! on 7/25/2017 3:25:29 PM

Will do then :)

heya! on 7/25/2017 3:22:39 PM

Should I change my avatar then in that case? Didn't like it anyway.

Hey on 7/25/2017 1:57:26 PM

What other animes do you like, bud?