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Maybe I'm an ancient wizard?

I like to design games and write stories, poems, and songs. 


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Cat meow

Its about a cat meowing

Picking Apples

How to pick apples. Testing advance basic editor.

Red Ridding Hood, A Midnight Tale

My take on Red Riding Hood.  Its a modern day fantasy,  a modern day take on a classic story. 

Help guide Red Riding Hood as she deliver a basket to her Grandmother.

Category wise.  Fantasy, Modern, Horror.  I'm not sure where to stick it, so I put it in Fantasy, since its base on a classic story.  If its in the wrong place, let me know and I'll move it. 

This is more of a story than a game. Its my first try at this type of writing. Sorry if its linear. 

This story has mature content.  If its a movie, it would be rated R.   Recommended for 16 and older.  (18, 21, in some culture.)  If I get the maturity level wrong, let me know and I can change it. 

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Was there a story title "Snow"? on 1/7/2020 7:01:00 AM

Was there a chose your story title "Snow"?  I forgot who was the author.  Perhaps it was Sethaniel? 

What ever happend to that story?  I can't seem to find it in search or anywhere.  It was a masterpeice. 

If I recall, its a love story told mostly through flashback and memories.  It was kind of sad with a Yuki-onna (Snow Woman Spirit) twist.