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The Witch Diaries


A game about a witch's life.I had fun writing this. The story is mostly linear with some slight variations depending on decisions made beforehand. use your skills to save yourself when you come close to dying.This story may get creepy sometimes but it really is not that scary.

The Witch Diaries II

Rain is an orphaned girl with no last name and no knowledge of her family tree. This is a sequel to a game that not a lot of people liked. It is about a witch girl that goes on an adventure with drugs,robots,lesbians,police chases, time travel, shadow people, pirates, sex trafficking, public hangings, death, sexy maids, sexy secretaries, pimps, and white haired angel boys.

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The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 5:12:07 PM

The reader character at the time will meet the asian woman in the basement. There is a power to tell what she is saying. then the guy will enter and kill both of the girls unless a power is used to stop him.

The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 5:09:43 PM

Now that i think about it it is more of a joking kind of reference to that episode of Bates Motel. I wil show you the scene where the woman dies, THe character escapes and kills the witches who arranged her to be married.

The man burns to death. Elvira puts out the fire that killed him. She then takes the saw he used to murder the Asian woman and cuts the chain.

She goes back to the coven enraged.

"I saw a kidnapped Asian woman in his basement! He knocked me out with a shovel!"

Marbella and Chandra look at each other and then Chandra replies.

"We all know from American Horror Story that Witches are damn near invincible."

Elvira finds this comment completely inappropriate to respond to her traumatic experience. She lights Chandra and Marbella on fire.

"Evil Bitches" she says to herself.

Then the POV character will change and someone else will take ownership of the coven, But they will have a secret evil plan.

The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 5:00:08 PM

XD this is going to be a very fun story to play. Maybe this should be a comedy mixed with gruesome violence and supernatural horror.

(The girl gets killed shortly after meeting the POV character, There is no sex)


The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 4:47:54 PM

there will be branching, but it will all lead back to the same place Short Term. Over time the choices made in different by different characters affect what they do when you are not making their choices. There may be a part where one character is seperated from the others and has to survive on their own which will create a part of the story where they will need to survive homeless AND with witch hunters after them. This will make the game feel like more of a CYS and less like reading a script to a show.

The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 4:41:13 PM

LOL having people read my stuff makes me see how funny it is.

THe dude is supposed to be a really bad guy so he has connections in the criminal world. I would think the kidnapped victims would be people who did not speak english so they cannot escape. The setting is a Modern small town setting.

The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 4:37:55 PM


The character you start out with is Raven Nevermore. She comes from a strong bloodline and realizes it in the beginning when she is attacked. THey need to have ties in politics so that they can influence world events.

A girl is sent to a coven and her grandmother, her last living relative disappears without a trace after giving her directions to a coven where she will be safe.

Uh, the way you wrote that, she's sent to the coven, and then her grandma disappears after giving her directions to . . . is it the coven she's already at, or a different, safer coven?

LOL shes not at a coven at the beginning i confused myself. I hope that when i publish the game there arent any scenes like that where i was dyslexic for a few seconds. I will make corrections to the story (And this thread)

The Witch Diaries on 1/22/2016 3:49:19 PM

I am making a long story about a girl that leaves her hometown and goes to a coven. I am going to have 13 events in the story like how there are usually 13 episodes in a season of a TV series.

In the beginning not much happens. A girl is sent to a coven and her grandmother, her last living relative disappears without a trace after giving her directions to a coven where she will be safe.

she goes and meets some people and trains her skills in peace for a while.

Then the Coven is attacked by religious fanatics and vandalized.

After that the point of view switches to another witch. The supreme witch and her daughter arrange a marriage for the main character (Witches need to have ties to politics) but realize she comes from a very strong bloodline and sends this witch in her place. I am going to make her find dead bodies and Asian women in his basement that are going to be sold into the sex trade. She will then be tied up and need to use her power to escape and free the women. The man will also be a boss fight as he attempts to sacrifice the character to the devil.

Please let me know if this is a good story. I don't want to make it boring or short. I intend on making a few plot twists also.

Romance with CYStians! on 8/9/2015 11:11:59 PM

I knew it!

My storygames are always given bad reviews but i find them Humorous and fun despite there only being like twenty five words on a page. i guess people want more of a whole book experience than just a story made in a few days.

story idea and looking for possible collaborators? on 8/9/2015 10:52:25 PM

I saw a video about the deep web and i read the article.

i think if you do this please dont incude the torturing part and just the drugs cause i dont think i can take it.

My new game on 4/29/2014 6:32:49 PM

i am going to try that. i am going to include a water tower in the aquarium that turns out to be a giant attack robot