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hello and some basic questions on 12/29/2012 11:14:38 PM

ah, thanks for letting me know, it's a relief I'll have time to play with  editer without inflicting whatever I test with it on everyone else.


@dark, hello to you too. The reason I sepcifically describe myself as "dark" rather than "darkempathy" is that on various other places around the interweb, I use the monica of just plane "dark" and it's possible that some people here may have come across me elsewhere.


Still, I know there is a lot of dark around, maybe we are living in dark times?


I could embark on lots of bad jokes about dark lands, dark ages, and maybe piling everyone called dark together to make a dark tower but I think I'll spare everybody that.


Just to be serious for a second, if anyone has any suggestions which of the various help articals I should begin with on the editer that would be good to know, sinse unfortunately as they're not ordered it's sometimes a little difficult to know which one gives a more basic outline of say how to create character stats and increase or decrease them without going into more complex scripting business.

hello and some basic questions on 12/29/2012 8:46:23 PM



I'm dark. some people may know  me from www.audiogames.net, but if not, hello to everyone.


i've been a fan of gamebooks for quite a while, and so was really pleased to be directed to this site, indeed I have  very much enjoyed the stories I've seen thus  far.


of course however, I have some questions. i do appologize if these are relatively simple answers, however  hopefully people will bare with me.


firstly, I'd obviously be really interested in writing my own story, however I  would like to have chance to play with the editer and perhaps create something as a tester so that I can get used to it's functions.  Sinse I'd eventually like to create something with stats and random dice rolls, I'm obviously going to have to learn a bit, however I'd rather not inflict my practice on everyone else.


In one of the articals however I noticed a mention that stories could only be deleted by  mods on the site, and that this was generally a bad thing to request done. Is this only true of published stories?


if I created a test story purely for the purpose of playing with the editer, could I delete it later since obviously I'd not be publishing it.


Secondly, are there any recommended articals on how to use the editer, or a specific manual? I've seen articals  mentioning scripting, variables etc but I'm not sure what order to read these in to get the basics before I start moving on to more advanced matters, is there a more complete guide anywhere?


Any advice  on either point would be much  appreciated.