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Cool site!! I definitely enjoyed choose your own ending games when I was younger. Now I'm in my 20's & I like them even more. I'm here to play. I'll rate every storygame that I complete. As for comments, I don't always have much to say but if I really am impressed (or, the opposite) I'll let you know.

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Haters on 9/9/2011 11:39:20 AM

Hi there. I'm new too.

I like the site & everyone who I have spoken to has been cool thus far.

But I had to comment when I read through this post. This kid, SJEKidd/SEULaw has messaged me from 2 different accounts. I'm so slow that I didn't realize that she was trying to present herself as 2 different people, until I saw her commenting from one account on a story that the other account did. Then I was just like what the hell.

She sounds very young & just seems to be lonely. She's annoying, but hey. I was pretty well adjusted (to the public eye) but I had a secret imaginary friend to go home to all the way through high school (maybe beyond, who knows ). People express things differently.

Obviously it's strange that she took the time to write you a paragraph complaining about your usage of fake eyes. Who cares. But people will have much worse things to say to you in life; my best advice is to laugh about this one & not classify her message under 'hate mail'.

In my month or so here, SO FAR, she is the exception. Everyone else is okay. Good luck!!!

Wish and Pay the Price Game! on 9/9/2011 10:57:21 AM

Granted, but you would have to cut it all off to make your wish come true

I wish I could read minds.